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30 August 2011

What Does It Mean That Allah Guides Whom He Wills And Misguides Whom He Wills?

Here is an example of a very misunderstood verse in the Quran...
Surah 14:4
And We never sent a messenger save with the language of his folk, that he might make (the message) clear for them. Then Allah sendeth whom He will astray, and guideth whom He will. He is the Mighty, the Wise.

People will tend to argue that Allah misguides people and therefore when the people are misguided they don't have free will and that it is actually Allah's fault for them being misguided and that Allah would be unjust for punishing them. 

However, let's read the Quran in context so that we can better understand what this verse is saying. I won't be appealing to any commentaries because once someone reads the Quran in context he could easily understand what the verse is saying. 
Surah 18:29
Say: (It is) the truth from the Lord of you (all). Then whosoever will, let him believe, and whosoever will, let him disbelieve. Lo! We have prepared for disbelievers Fire. Its tent encloseth them. If they ask for showers, they will be showered with water like to molten lead which burneth the faces. Calamitous the drink and ill the resting-place!
Surah 25:57
Say: I ask of you no reward for this, save that whoso will may choose a way unto his Lord.
Surah 73:19
Lo! This is a Reminder. Let him who will, then, choose a way unto his Lord.
Surah 80:11-12
Nay, but verily it is an Admonishment, So let whosoever will pay heed to it,

Here we clearly see that people have a FREE WILL to believe or disbelieve in God and to choose the straight path unto the Lord. 
Surah 29:69
As for those who strive in Us, We surely guide them to Our paths, and lo! Allah is with the good.

Allah is clearly telling us that we need to struggle hard in order to find the path to Him. Allah will only guide those who actually struggle to be guided. If Allah had already predetermined who would go to hell and heaven without giving us free will then it would be useless for Allah to tell us to strive to be good. So here, it is clear that Allah guides those who strive and put an effort and who want to be guided. 
Surah 39:7
If ye are thankless, yet Allah is Independent of you, though He is not pleased with thanklessness for His bondmen; and if ye are thankful He is pleased therewith for you. No laden soul will bear another's load. Then unto your Lord is your return; and He will tell you what ye used to do. Lo! He knoweth what is in the breasts (of men).

Allah is saying that He is not pleased with those who are thankless to Him. It would not make sense for God to misguide those people intentionally without giving them free will so that they can go and do what He does not like. 
Surah 45:22
And Allah hath created the heavens and the earth with truth, and that every soul may be repaid what it hath earned. And they will not be wronged.

God will judge those people according to the deeds that they have done and according to what they earned. They will not be judged unfairly. 
So God judging them by what they earned shows that human beings have free will to do evil if they are judged to be evil and therefore it is no one's fault but theirs. 
Surah 7:147-148

Those who deny Our revelations and the meeting of the Hereafter, their works are fruitless. Are they requited aught save what they used to do? And the folk of Moses, after (he left them), chose a calf (for worship), (made) out of their ornaments, of saffron hue, which gave a lowing sound. Saw they not that it spake not unto them nor guided them to any way ? They chose it, and became wrong-doers.
Surah 27:90
And whoso bringeth an ill-deed, such will be flung down on their faces in the Fire. Are ye rewarded aught save what ye did ?
Surah 37:38-39

Lo! (now) verily ye taste the painful doom - Ye are requited naught save what ye did -
Surah 45:15
Whoso doeth right, it is for his soul, and whoso doeth wrong, it is against it. And afterward unto your Lord ye will be brought back.
Surah 52:13-19

The day when they are thrust with a (disdainful) thrust, into the fire of hell (And it is said unto them): This is the Fire which ye were wont to deny. Is this magic, or do ye not see ? Endure the heat thereof, and whether ye are patient of it or impatient of it is all one for you. Ye are only being paid for what ye used to do. Lo! those who kept their duty dwell in gardens and delight, Happy because of what their Lord hath given them, and (because) their Lord hath warded off from them the torment of hell-fire. (And it is said unto them): Eat and drink in health (as a reward) for what ye used to do,

Again, clearly we see that sinners are punished for what they did. It is their fault and no one else's. 
Surah 10:45
And on the day when He shall gather them together, (when it will seem) as though they had tarried but an hour of the day, recognising one another, those will verily have perished who denied the meeting with Allahand were not guided.
Surah 16:33-34

Await they aught say that the angels should come unto them or thy Lord's command should come to pass ?Even so did those before them. Allah wronged them not, but they did wrong themselves, So that the evils of what they did smote them, and that which they used to mock surrounded them.
Surah 41:46
Whoso doeth right it is for his soul, and whoso doeth wrong it is against it. And thy Lord is not at all a tyrant to His slaves.

Again we see that Allah is not to be held responsible but the sinners are for their own sinful actions that they willingly chose to commit. 

So Who Are The People That Are Misguided?

Surah 2:26
Lo! Allah disdaineth not to coin the similitude even of a gnat. Those who believe know that it is the truth from their Lord; but those who disbelieve say: What doth Allah wish (to teach) by such a similitude ? He misleadeth many thereby, and He guideth many thereby; and He misleadeth thereby only miscreants;
Surah 6:56
Say: I am forbidden to worship those on whom ye call instead of Allah. Say: I will not follow your desires, for then should I go astray and I should not be of the rightly guided.
Surah 6:116
If thou obeyedst most of those on earth they would mislead thee far from Allah's way. They follow naught but an opinion, and they do but guess.
Surah 7:30
A party hath He led aright, while error hath just hold over (another) party, for lo! they choose the devils for protecting supporters instead of Allah and deem that they are rightly guided.
Surah 14:27
Allah confirmeth those who believe by a firm saying in the life of the world and in the Hereafter, and Allah sendeth wrong-doers astray. And Allah doeth what He will.
Surah 17:72
Whoso is blind here will be blind in the Hereafter, and yet further from the road.
Surah 22:4
Against him it is written down that whoever takes him (the devil) for a friend, he shall lead him astray and conduct him to the chastisement of the burning fire.
Surah 25:44
Or deemest thou that most of them hear or understand ? They are but as the cattle - nay, but they are farther astray ?
Surah 33:36
And it becometh not a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His messenger have decided an affair (for them), that they should (after that) claim any say in their affair; and whoso is rebellious to Allah and His messenger, he verily goeth astray in error manifest.
Surah 33:67
And they say: Our Lord! Lo! we obeyed our princes and great men, and they misled us from the Way.
Surah 61:5
So when they turned away (from the Path of Allah) Allah turned their hearts away (from the Right Path) and Allah guides not the people who are fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah)."

So we see that Allah misguides those wrongdoers who are truly misguided by their own actions that they willingly chose to commit. Allah is omniscient and therefore knows in advance what their FREE WILLED actions will be. Therefore, Allah misguides them. HOWEVER, Allah only misguides those who WILLINGLY commit wrong and have earned to be labeled as disbelievers and go to Hell.

By Bassam Zawadi

29 August 2011

Amazing facts: Lyrebird That Can Mimic Any Sound in the World

"There are signs for the believing nation in the creation of their (own) selves, and the creation of the animals He has scattered (across the world)." [Quran 45:4]

The ancient Lyrebird, one of Australia’s oldest inhabitants, has existed for some 15 million years. Preferring south-eastern Australia’s wooded areas, lyrebirds are rather brown and chicken-like in appearance.

The male, however, possesses a large and impressive lyre-shaped tail with which to augment his courtship display. First, he clears a small area on the forest floor and constructs a dull dirt mound that will become his amphitheater.

But it is the Lyrebird’s vocal repertoire that has gifted the species a degree of fame. An expert mimic, the Lyrebird can not only imitate the individual songs of other birds and the chatter of entire flocks but also the sounds of other animals. In fact, the bird can repeat almost any sound in the world, all thanks to its syrinx - the most intricate of all the world’s songbirds - giving the bird an unmatched songbook. The sounds that each bird can mimic depend greatly upon its environment. Lyrebirds that live in the forest mimic chainsaws and falling trees, the hunter’s gunshot and even camera shutters. Those that live closer to urban centres can impersonate musical instruments, car engines, fire alarms, crying babies, railway locomotives and even the human voice itself.

Watch and listen to the videos

28 August 2011

Picture Perfect : Read, Learn & Teach

The Prophet (PBUH) also said, [Narrated 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud]: 

"Do not wish to be like anyone except in two cases. (The first is) A person, whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it righteously; (the second is) the one whom Allah has given wisdom (the Holy Quran) and he acts according to it and teaches it to others.
[Sahih Bukhari, Book #3, Hadith #73]

26 August 2011

Allah has total control of everything

True Incident: A young man in a village refused to believe that Allah has total control of everything. He claimed that Allah cannot make him eat food if he didn't want to eat. To prove his point, he decided to stay hungry for a day and see if Allah can make him eat. His mother tried her best to stop this foolishness but he paid no attention. Annoyed of his mother in the evening, he decided to climb a tree and isolate himself there. Being compassionate, his mother decided to leave the food under the tree incase her son finally gives up and wants to eat. When the night fell, a group of robbers were passing by that tree. They noticed a plate of delicious food placed under the tree. They looked at each other in amazement and thought that someone must be playing a trick on them. May be someone is trying to poison them with good food. They looked around to see if there was anyone nearby and noticed the young man on top of the tree. The robbers got him down and told him to eat the food to see if it is poisoned. But the young man refused to eat as he is still carrying on his challenge against Allah. The robbers became suspicious and started beating the young man to eat. He gave up and started eating. Seeing that the food was not poisoned, the robbers left him and went away. Finally, the young man admitted that yes, Allah has total control of everything!

24 August 2011

Gender Differences and Equality in Islam

Differences of Men and Women

Description: To be treated equally, or justice, does not always mean that each is the same.  This article sheds some light on the differences between men and women found by modern science, and how these results reflect the way justice is met to each of the two sexes in various realms of modern day life.

Before discussing the concept of equality and how it relates to men and women in Islam, we need to make an important distinction.  Many people who speak about equality presume that this should be reflected in treating two groups exactly the same.  However, this is manifestly not always the proper thing to do.  People’s needs, strengths, abilities and disabilities need to be accommodated and considered as opposed to subjecting all to a single standard that may only be suitable for a few.

Thus we need to make a distinction between the superficial procedural equality and the substantive equality, which is justice.  Most societies recognize that the important thing is not to focus on superficial procedural equality but to provide substantive equality for all its citizens, which treats them justly according to their needs and circumstances.  Human beings favor substantive equality over procedural equality on a daily basis because we recognize that the former allows for justice.  We accommodate in our workplaces, schools, and commercial areas, those with disabilities.  We recognize the need for social services to take care of the impoverished in the society, while the wealthy are subject to taxes.  We give extra attention and consideration to those experiencing emotional, psychological, or physical difficulties in their lives.  All of this is substantive equality, equity and justice.

Men and Women

When it comes to men and women, everyone recognizes that there are inherent indisputable differences between men and women.  They are not identical; men and women are naturally different in many ways.  As a result, it does not follow logically to neglect those differences and advocate a single standard in matters where they are not the same.  That may be procedural equality, but it is not substantive equality.  For example, it would be unjust for a husband to suggest that his wife work equally as hard as he does when she is pregnant.  Justice is served by recognizing the burden of pregnancy and the need for the husband to adjust accordingly.  There are obvious biological differences - men experience neither menstrual periods nor childbirth while women generally live longer and have less health problems at an elderly age.  The AARP Bulletin published[1]  an article on 8 health differences between men and women:

Physical Differences 

When it comes to health, differences between men and women extend well beyond their attitude toward getting annual checkups and needed treatment.  In case men need a few reasons to make a doctor’s appointment, they should consider the following:

The life expectancy for men in the United States, 74.4, is a little more than five years shorter than for women, 79.8.
  • Cancer kills men at a higher rate than it kills women.
  • Of those killed by heart disease before age 65, 70 percent are men.
  • Sleep apnea, a potentially serious disorder that causes breathing to stop and start repeatedly during sleep, is more common in men than women.
  • Four times as many men die by suicide, the number-eight cause of death among men.
  • Men are 50 percent more likely than women to develop coronary heart disease after age 40.
  • Men have fewer infection-fighting T-cells than women.
  • By the age of 100, women outnumber men eight to one.
  • In the Olympics, men and women compete separately because of physiological differences.  At the age of 18 years, the average male is 70.2 inches tall and weighs 144.8 pounds, while the average female is 64.4 inches tall and weighs 126.6 pounds.  On the basis of weight, men have 50% greater total muscle mass than women.  The average woman’s heart is 25% smaller than that of the average man.  Women carry about ten percentage points more fat than men.[2]
Physiological Differences

In academics, women generally score higher than men in subjects such as languages and humanities while the opposite is true for mathematics and sciences.  Both genders have unique strengths and capabilities.  Concerning the psychological differences between men and women, an article entitled Men and Women Really Do Think Differently quotes a recent neurological study:

Psychology professor Richard Haier of the University of California, Irvine led the research along with colleagues from the University of New Mexico.  Their findings show that in general, men have nearly 6.5 times the amount of gray matter related to general intelligence compared with women, whereas women have nearly 10 times the amount of white matter related to intelligence compared to men.  [...]In human brains, gray matter represents information processing centers, whereas white matter works to network these processing centers.
The results from this study may help explain why men and women excel at different types of tasks, said co-author and neuropsychologist Rex Jung of the University of New Mexico.  For example, men tend to do better with tasks requiring more localized processing, such as mathematics, Jung said, while women are better at integrating and assimilating information from distributed gray-matter regions of the brain, which aids language skills.[3]
Another article published in Psychology Today describes the differences between men and women as ‘inescapable’:
When it comes to speaking and making hand movements that contribute to motor skill, the brain seems to be very focally organized in women compared with men.  This may relate to the fact that girls generally speak earlier, articulate better and also have better fine motor control of the hands.  Also, a larger proportion of women than men are right-handed, and unequivocally so.  But when it comes to certain, more-abstract tasks, such as defining words, women’s brains are more diffusely organized than men’s, although men and women don’t differ in overall vocabulary ability.
[...] Neuropsychologist Marian Diamond of the University of California at Berkeley, comparing cortical thickness in male and female rats, did find that the right cortex is thicker in males at most ages, while the left cortex is thicker in females but only at some ages (see “A Love Affair with the brain,” Psychology Today, November 1984).  [...]The fact seems inescapable that men and women do differ genetically, physiologically and in many important ways psychologically.[4]
Modern psychological research continues to unveil differences in men and women from the most obvious in behavioral patterns to those as trivial as picking out an angry face in a crowd.  In light of such manifest differences between the two genders, it is unsuitable for men and women to assume identical roles.  As mentioned in a New York Times article on Women’s health:
In contrast to the feminist premise that women can do anything men can do, science is demonstrating that women can do some things better, that they have many biological and cognitive advantages over men.  Then again, there are some things that women don’t do as well.[5]
God created us with different but complementary strengths and capabilities.  A man does not need to become a woman nor vice versa in order to be successful.

Equality of Men and Women

Description: Spiritual equality of men and women as mentioned in the Quran, and a glance at the differences between the genders in other aspects of life.

Islam recognizes that while men and women have some physical differences, spiritually they enjoy absolute equality before God.  The Quran and Sunnah are unequivocal in stating that one’s gender will have absolutely no bearing on their reward or punishment in the next life.

I shall not lose sight of the labor of any of you who labors in My way, be it man or woman; you proceed one from another…” [Quran 3:195]

If any do deeds of righteousness,- be they male or female - and have faith, they will enter Heaven, and not the least injustice will be done to them.” [Quran 4:124]

Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and has Faith, verily, to him will We give a new Life, a life that is good and pure, and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions.” [Quran 16:97]

He that works evil will not be requited but by the like thereof: and he that works a righteous deed - whether man or woman - and is a Believer- such will enter the Garden (of Bliss): Therein will they have abundance without measure.” [Quran 40:40]

Indeed, the Muslim men and Muslim women - the believing men and believing women, the obedient men and obedient women, the truthful men and truthful women, the patient men and patient women, the humble men and humble women, the charitable men and charitable women, the fasting men and fasting women, the men who guard their private parts and the women who do so, and the men who remember God often and the women who do so - for all has God prepared forgiveness and a great reward.” [Quran 33:35]

O mankind!  We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another.  Verily, the most honorable of you with God is the most pious.  Verily, God is All-Knowing, All-Aware.” [Quran 49:13]

Therefore, Islam openly declares that men and women have an equal status and value before God, and piety alone differentiates one individual from another.

In legal and practical aspects, the general rules are the same for men and women.  Both have the same acts of worships, the same Islamic etiquette and manners, and are subject to the same legal penalties.  But there are also many cases where the rulings are different.  Women are exempted from fasting and prayer during their period.  Men are prohibited from wearing gold and silk while women are allowed to, as it is women’s nature to beautify themselves.  Friday prayers are obligatory for men but optional for women.  Men must spend their money on the family but a woman’s money is entirely her own to spend as she chooses.  There are differences in clothing requirements as well, since the physical appearance of men and women is dissimilar.  All of this is reflective of the natural differences between men and women.  So in lesser jurisprudential matters, Islam treats men and women according to their inherent differences as per substantive equality and in the interest of justice.

In conclusion, Islam affirms the absolute spiritual equality of men and women, and assigns both an equal rank before God.  In jurisprudential matters, Islam promotes the substantive equality of men and women, recognizes their unique strengths and capabilities, and rules accordingly protecting the rights of both.

By Ansar Al-Adl

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Scientific facts about day of resurrection

In this research we are going to make a scientific analysis for many events in day of resurrection to prove that the Qur'an doesn’t contradict with science and the scientific realities

Day of resurrection is the most important day for all human being and Allah almighty with His mercy is visualizing that day for us as if we are seeing it.

Therefore the last descended verse from Allah almighty on His prophet was the following verse: 

"And be afraid of the Day when you shall be brought back to Allah. Then every person shall be paid what he earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly."[Quran 2:281]

Hence, all of us must be ready for that day and should know that all people will stand in front of their God as He will ask them about their deeds (Good and Bad) as He almighty says to us: 

"And verily this (the Qur'an) is indeed a Reminder for you (O Muhammad) and your people (Quraish people, or your followers), and you will be questioned (about it)." [Quran 43:44]

but atheists think that when they die, everything will be finished.

Allah almighty use the scientific realities and swear by cosmic phenomena that day of judgment will defiantly come and He says :

"And they will find all that they did, placed before them, and your Lord treats no one with injustice."[Sûrat Al-Kahf -verse49).

But again, atheists will deny these verses as they only believe in the scientific realities as some of those people may wonder about the following verse: 

"And they will say to their skins, 'Why do you testify against us?' They will say: 'Allah has caused us to speak as He causes all things to speak: and He created you the first time, and to Him you are made to return.' "[Quran 41:21] 

how can our skin speaks and testifies against us?

Allah almighty says :

"Then when the heaven is rent asunder, and it becomes rosy or red like red-oil, or red hide" [Quran 55:37],

In this verse Allah tells us about a scene in day of resurrection as the heaven will rent asunder and will become like a red flower, recently, the scientists had discovered that some stars millions of light years far from us are exploded which resulted what we see in the above photo. The photo looks like a red flower which is the same as what Allah told us in the Qur'an 1400 years ago.

What we see is not an image of what will happen in the day of resurrection but it is just a representation of what will happen.

In another verse Allah says about another scene of day of resurrection: 

"When the sun is wound round and its light is lost and is overthrown"[ Quran 81:1] 

Indeed we can't see the sun is wound round but we can see thousands of stars die and collapse in the space which is another small representation of what will happen.

Also Allah says about what will happen in day of resurrection that sun and moon will be clustered together , Allah says: 

"And the sun and moon will be joined together (by going one into the other or folded up or deprived of their light)." [Quran 75:9]

Today scientists tell us about a new research which talks about the probability of sun to swallow moon and they maybe joined together. Indeed this will not be the day of resurrection but from the scientific point of view it can be happened.

Allah says:

"And when the seas become as blazing Fire or overflow" [Quran 81:6]

also in this life we will not see that happening, but in many areas in the world we can see a small scene of what will happen in the day of resurrection as in the deep of seas there are cracks where the lava flow out of it which heat the water up to 1000 degree. In another verse Allah almighty swear by this phenomenon by saying: 

"And by the sea kept filled (or it will be fire kindled on the Day of Resurrection).* Verily, the Torment of your Lord will surely come to pass "[Qurn 52:6-7]

Here, we have to realize that Allah almighty talks with us in a scientific language because what Allah tells us in Qur'an about scenes of day of resurrection can be founded in this world but in a small representation.  

Also in this verse a link between the scientific facts and torment of Allah , as in the bottom of  oceans there is a circle called the fire circle which is surrounded by a circle of thousands of kilometers of lava as if the ocean is burning, again Allah says: 

"And by the sea kept filled (or it will be fire kindled on the Day of Resurrection).* Verily, the Torment of your Lord will surely come to pass." [Quran 52:6-7]

The divine statement made a wonderful link between the burning sea and the divine torment but the torment in day of resurrection is definitely huge.

Also if we look attentively at the previous verses, we find that any explosion starts with an increase in temperature which is the heating phase and that will be followed by the explosion. Allah says in Sûrat At-Takwîr 

"And when the seas become as blazing Fire or overflow" [Quran 81:6]

and then in the next Sûrat Allah says: 

"And when the seas are burst forth" [Quran 82:3]

Form this sequence we can understand why Allah said blazing Fire first and said burst forth after that, He almighty wants to let the belief to go inside our hearts and not to believe atheists and disbelievers who say that Mohamed had forgot so that one time he says blazing Fire and another time says seas are burst forth.

Allah almighty says: 

"When the earth is shaken with its (final) earthquake.*and when the earth throws out its burdens."[Quran 99:1-2]

look at the word burdens which means that inside earth there are burdens. Scientists say that if we descend down earth, the density increases so that the deeper the earth the heavier its contents. Glory to Allah! Who told that illiterate man about this scientific reality?

What is meant by these scientific facts?

Human brain is limited, so that Allah almighty wants to visualize events of day of resurrection to us so that we obey Him and adhere to be away of sins and wrong behaviors. For example Allah created for us milk and honey to make us believe in heaven when He almighty told us in many verses that people in heaven will drink from rivers full of honey and milk.

The most important point that every one must understand is that we study scientific miracles in Qur'an and Sunnah not to strengthen our faith but to encourage ourselves to look attentively around us to believe in Allah almighty the one God and only creator. Allah says about believers:

"and think deeply about the creation of the heavens and the earth, (saying): "Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose, glory to you! (Exalted are you above all that they associate with you as partners). Give us salvation from the torment of the Fire."[Quran 3:191]

Therefore we must respond to Allah and to study different types of sciences such as chemistry, physics, astronomy and seas, etc…….

By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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23 August 2011

Loosing my breath

I close my eyes -
am I closing paradise?-
I just closed my eyes -
will it be to paradise?-

I have lost my breath-
I have tasted death-
I'll breathe no more-
I'll be back. no more-

O my God- Almighty-
La ilaaha ilallah-
all I need is your love-
there is no god but Allah-

whatsit gonna be? the feather weighed deeds-
or is it gonna be the featherweighed sins?-

am I gonna be granted blessings?
or am I gonna be punished for ma sins?-

I know my God, I have sinned alot-
You should only protect me-
who will if not?-

I dont wanna live,dont wanna dwell in the flame-
I have nobody. only myself I blame-

I was given time-
only fun was my prime-

my Iman should have blossemed-
now all of them Im missin-

O my God- Almighty-
La ilaaha ilallah-
all I need is your love-
there is no god but Allah-

22 August 2011

The Fisherman & The Investment Banker

An investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellow fin tuna. The investment banker complimented the fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them.

The fisherman replied, "Only a little while."

The investment banker then asked, "Why didn't you stay out longer and catch more fish?"

The fisherman said, "With this I have more than enough to support my family's needs."

The investment banker then asked, "But what do you do with the rest of your time?"

The fisherman said, "I pray on-time, I sleep early, fish a little, play with my children, take siesta with my wife, stroll into the village each evening and spend time with my family, I have a full and busy life."

The investment banker scoffed, "I am a Harvard MBA and could help you. You should spend more time fishing; and with the proceeds, buy a bigger boat: With the proceeds from the bigger boat you could buy several boats. Eventually you would have a fleet of fishing boats. Instead of selling your catch to a middleman you would sell directly to the processor; eventually opening your own cannery. You would control the product, processing and distribution. You would need to leave this small coastal fishing village and move to a big town and eventually to the the city where you will run your ever-expanding enterprise."

The fisherman asked, "But, how long will this all take?"

To which the investment banker replied, "15 to 20 years."

"But what then?" asked the fisherman.

The investment banker laughed and said that's the best part. "When the time is right you would announce an IPO and sell your company stock to the public and become very rich, you would make millions."

"Millions?...Then what?" asked the fisherman.

The investment banker said, "Then you would retire. Move to a small coastal fishing village where you would pray on time, sleep early, fish a little, play with your kids, take siesta with your wife, stroll to the village in the evenings and spend time with your family."


Prophet Muahmmad Said:

Whoever makes his worries about just one thing – the Appointed Day (of Resurrection) – then Allaah will suffice him from the rest of his worries. And whoever has his worries branching off from the affairs of this World, then Allaah will not care in which valley he dies.” 
(Book- Saheeh al-Jaami as-Sagheer wa Ziyaadatuh)

21 August 2011

Non-Muslims Quotes: Lamartine

Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine (21 October 1790 – 28 February 1869)

"The founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of o­ne spiritual empire, that is Muhammed. As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he? "

- Lamartine -   

Ref: Historie de la Turquie, Paris 1854, Vol. 11 pp. 276-2727

19 August 2011

Islam & Top ten misconceptions

MISCONCEPTION #1: Muslims are violent, terrorists and/or extremists.

This is the biggest misconception in Islam, no doubt resulting from the constant stereotyping and bashing the media gives Islam.  When a  gunman attacks a mosque in the name of Judaism, a Catholic IRguerrilla sets off a bomb in an urban area, or Serbian Orthodox militiamen rape and kill innocent Muslim civilians, these acts are not used to stereotype an entire faith. Never are these acts attributed to the religion of the perpetrators. Yet how many times have we heard the words 'Islamic, Muslim fundamentalist. etc.' linked with violence.

Politics in so called  "Muslim countries" may or may not have any Islamic basis.  Often dictators and politicians will use the name of Islam for their own purposes. One should remember to go to the source of Islam and separate what the true religion of Islam says from what is portrayed in the media. Islam literally means 'submission to God' and is derived from a root word meaning 'peace'.

Islam may seem exotic or even extreme in the modern world. Perhaps this is because religion doesn't dominate everyday life in the West, whereas Islam is considered a 'way of life' for Muslims and they make no division between secular and sacred in their lives.   Like Christianity, Islam permits fighting in self-defense, in defense of religion, or on the part of those who have been expelled forcibly from their homes.  It lays down strict rules of combat which include prohibitions against harming civilians and against destroying crops, trees and  livestock.


The Quran says:

"Fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress limits.  God  does not love transgressors." [Quran 2:190)]

"If they seek peace, then seek you peace.  And trust in God for He is the One that heareth  and knoweth all things." [Quran 8:61]

War, therefore, is the last resort, and is subject to the rigorous conditions laid down by the  sacred law.  The term 'jihad' literally means 'struggle'.  Muslims believe that there are two kinds of  jihad. The other 'jihad' is the inner struggle of the soul which everyone wages against egotistic  desires for the sake of attaining inner peace.

MISCONCEPTION #2: Islam oppresses women.

The image of the typical Muslim woman wearing the veil and forced to stay home and forbidden to drive is all too common  in most peoples thoughts. Although some Muslim countries may  have laws that oppress women, this should not be seen as coming  from Islam.  Many of these countries do not rule by  any kind of Shari'ah (Islamic law) and introduce their own cultural standpoints on the issue of  gender equity.

Islam on the other hand gives men and women different roles and equity between the two  is laid down in the Quran and the example of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Islam sees a woman, whether single or married, as an individual in her own right, with the right to own and dispose of her property  and earnings.  A marriage gift is given by the groom to the bride for her own personal use, and  she keeps her own family name rather than taking her husband's. Both men and women are expected to dress in a way that is modest and dignified. The Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said: "The most perfect in faith amongst  believers is he who is best in manner and kindest to his wife."

Violence of any kind towards  women and forcing them against their will for anything is not allowed. A Muslim marriage is a simple, legal agreement in which either partner is free to include  conditions. Marriage customs thus vary widely from country to country.  Divorce is not common,  although it is acceptable as a last resort.  According to Islam, a Muslim girl cannot be forced to  marry against her will: her parents simply suggest young men they think may be suitable.

MISCONCEPTION #3: Muslims worship a different God.

Allah is simply the Arabic word for God. Allah for Muslims is the greatest and most inclusive of the Names of God, it is an Arabic word of rich meaning, denoting the one and only God and ascribing no partners to Him. It is exactly the same word which the Jews, in Hebrew, use for God (eloh), the word which Jesus Christ used in Aramaic when he prayed to God. God has an identical name in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; Allah is the same God worshiped by Muslims, Christians and Jews.  Muslims believe that Allah's sovereignty is to be acknowledged in worship and in the pledge to obey His teaching and commandments, conveyed through His messengers and prophets who were sent at various times and in many places throughout history. However, it should be noted that God in Islam is One and Only. He, the Exalted, does not get tired, does not have a son i.e. Jesus or have associates, nor does He have human-like attributions as found in other faiths.

MISCONCEPTION #4: Islam was spread by the sword and intolerant of other faiths.

Many social studies textbooks for students show the image of an Arab horseman carrying  a sword in one hand and the Quran in the other conquering and forcibly converting. This, though, is not a correct portrayal of history.  Islam has always given respect and  freedom of religion to all faiths. The Quran says:

"God forbids you not, with regards to those who fight you not for [your]  faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them; for God loveth those  who are just." [Quran 60:8]

Freedom of religion is laid down in the Quran itself: 

"There is no compulsion (or coercion)  in the religion (Islam).  The right direction is distinctly clear from error". [Quran 2:256]

Christian missionary, T.W. Arnold had this opinion on his study of the question of the  spread of Islam: ".. of any organized attempt to force the acceptance of Islam on the non-Muslim  population, or of any systematic persecution intended to stamp out the Christian religion, we hear nothing. Had the caliphs chosen to adopt either course of action, they might have swept away  Christianity as easily as Ferdinand and Isabella drove Islam out of Spain, or Louis XIV made Protestanism ..."

It is a function of Islamic law to protect the privileged status of minorities, and this is why  non-Muslim places of worship have flourished all over the Islamic world.  History provides many examples of Muslim tolerance towards other faiths: when the caliph Omar entered Jerusalem in the  year 634, Islam granted freedom of worship to all religious communities in the city. Proclaiming to the inhabitants that their lives, and property were safe, and that their places of  worship would never be taken from them, he asked the Christian patriarch Sophronius to  accompany him on a visit to all the holy places.  Islamic law also permits non-Muslim minorities to set up their own courts, which  implement family laws drawn up by the minorities themselves. The life and property of all citizens in an Islamic state are considered sacred whether the  person is Muslim or not.

Racism is not a part of Islam, the Quran speaks only of human equality and how all  peoples are equal in the sight of God.

"O mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and  female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to know one another.  Truly, the most honored of you in God's sight is the greatest of you in piety.  God is All-Knowing, All- Aware." [Quran49:13]

MISCONCEPTION #5: All Muslims are Arabs

The Muslim population of the world is around 1.2 billion.  1 out of 5 people in the world is a  Muslim.  They are a vast range of races, nationalities, and cultures from around the globe--from the Phillipines to Nigeria--they are united by their common Islamic faith. Only about 18% live  in the  Arab world and the largest Muslim community is in Indonesia.  Most Muslims live east of Pakistan. 30% of Muslims live in the Indian subcontinent, 20% in Sub-Saharan Africa, 17% in Southeast  Asia, 18% in the Arab world, and 10% in the Soviet Union and China. Turkey, Iran and  Afghanistan make up 10% of the non-Arab Middle East. Although there are Muslim minorities in  almost every area, including Latin America and Australia, they are most numerous in Russia and  its newly independent states, India and central Africa. There are about 6 million Muslims in the  United States

MISCONCEPTION #6: The Nation of Islam is a Muslim group. 

Islam and the so called  "Nation of Islam'" are two different religions.  NOI is more of a political organization since its members are not limited to a single faith. Muslims consider this group to be just one of many cults using the name of Islam for their own gain. The only thing  common between them is the jargon, the language used by both. "The Nation of Islam" is a misnomer; this religion should be called Farrakhanism, after the name of its propogator, Louis Farrakhan.

Islam and Farakhanism differ in many fundamental ways. For example, Farakhan followers  believe in racism and that the 'black man' was the original man and therefore superior, while in  Islam there is no racism and everyone is considered equal in the sight of God, the only difference  being in one's piety. There are many other theological examples that show the 'Nation's teachings  have little to do with true Islam. There are many groups in America who claim to represent Islam and call their adherents  Muslims.

Any serious student of Islam has a duty to investigate  and find the true Islam. The only two authentic sources which bind every Muslim are 1. the Quran and 2. authentic or sound Hadith. Any teachings under the label of "Islam" which contradict or at variance with the direct understanding of fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam form the Quran and authentic Hadith should be rejected and such a religion should be considered a Pseudo-Islamic Cult.

In America there are many pseudo-Islamic cults, Farrakhanism being one of them. An honest attitude on the  part of such cults should be not to call themselves Muslims and their religion Islam. such an  example of honesty is Bahaism which is an off-shoot of Islam but Bahais do not call themselves  Muslims nor their religion, Islam. In fact Bahaism is not Islam just as Farrakhanism is not Islam.

MISCONCEPTION #7: All Muslim men marry four wives.

The religion of Islam was revealed for all societies and all times and so accommodates widely differing social requirements. Circumstances may warrant the taking of another wife but the right is granted, according to the Quran, only on condition that the husband is scrupulously fair. No woman can be forced into this kind of marriage if they do not wish it, and they also have the  right to exclude it in their marriage contract.

Polygamy is neither mandatory, nor encouraged, but  merely permitted. Images of "sheikhs with harems" are not consistent with Islam, as a man is  only allowed at most four wives only if he can fulfill the stringent conditions of treating each fairly  and providing each with separate housing etc.  Permission to practice polygamy is not associated  with mere satisfaction of passion.  It is rather associated with compassion toward widows and  orphans. It was the Quran that limited and put conditions on the practice of polygamy among the  Arabs, who had as many as ten or more wives and considered them "property".

It is both honest and accurate to say that it is Islam that regulated this practice, limited  it, made it more humane, and instituted equal rights and status for all wives. What the Qur'anic  decrees amount to, taken together is discouragement of polygamy unless necessity for it exists. It is also evident that the general rule in Islam is monogamy and not polygamy. It is a very  tiny percentage of Muslims that practice it over the world. However, permission to practice limited polygamy is only consistent with Islam's realistic view of the nature of man and woman and of  various social needs, problems and cultural variations.

The question is, however far more than the inherent flexibility of Islam; it also is the frank  and straightforward approach of Islam in dealing with practical problems.  Rather than requiring  hypocritical and superficial compliance, Islam delves deeper into the problems of individuals and  societies, and provides for legitimate and clean solutions which are far more beneficial than would  be the case if they were ignored. There is no doubt that the second wife legally married and treated  kindly is better off than a mistress without any legal rights or expermanence.

MISCONCEPTION #8: Muslims are a barbaric, backward people.

Among the reasons for the rapid and peaceful spread of Islam was the simplicity of its  doctrine-Islam calls for faith in only one God worthy of worship.  It also repeatedly instructs man to  use his powers of intelligence and observation. Within a few years, great civilizations and universities were flourishing, for according to the Prophet (pbuh), 'seeking knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim man and woman'.

The  synthesis of Eastern and Western ideas and of new thought with old, brought about great  advances in medicine, mathematics, physics, astronomy, geography, architecture, art, literature,  and history. Many crucial systems such as algebra, the Arabic numerals, and also the concept of  the zero (vital to the advancement of mathematics), were transmitted to medieval Europe from  Islam.  Sophisticated instruments which were to make possible the European voyages of discovery  were developed, including the astrolabe, the quadrant and good navigational maps.

MISCONCEPTION #9: Muhammad was the founder of Islam and Muslims worship him.

Muhammad(pbuh) was born in Mecca in the year 570. Since his father died before his  birth, and his mother shortly afterwards, he was raised by his uncle from the respected tribe of  Quraysh.  As he grew up, he became known for his truthfulness, generosity and sincerity, so that  he was sought after for his ability to arbitrate in disputes. The historians describe him as calm and  meditative. Muhammad (pbuh) was of a deeply religious nature, and had long detested the decadence of his society.

It became his habit to meditate from time to time in the Cave of Hira near Mecca. At the age of 40, while engaged in a meditative retreat, Muhammad(pbuh) received his first  revelation from God through the Angel Gabriel.  This revelation, which continued for 23 years is known as the Quran. As soon as he began to recite the words he heard from Gabriel, and to preach the truth  which God had revealed to him, he and his small group of followers suffered bitter persecution, which grew so fierce that in the year 622 God gave them the command to emigrate.

This event,  the Hijra 'migration', in which they left Mecca for the city of Medina, marks the beginning of the  Muslim calendar. After several years, the Prophet and his followers were able to return to Mecca, where they forgave their enemies and established Islam definitively. Before the Prophet saw dies at the age of 63, the greater part of Arabia was Muslim, and within a century of his death Islam had spread to Spain in the West and as far East as China. He died with less than 5 possessions to his name.

While Muhammad (pbuh) was chosen to deliver the message, he is not considered the  "founder" of Islam, since Muslims consider Islam to be the same divine guidance sent to all peoples before.  Muslims believe all the prophets from Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus etc. were all sent with divine guidance for their peoples.  Every prophet was sent to his own people, but Muhammad(pbuh) was sent to all of mankind.  Muhammad is the last and final messenger sent to deliver the message of Islam. Muslims revere and honor him (pbuh) for all he went through and his dedication, but they do not worship him.  

"O Prophet, verily We have sent you as a witness and a bearer of glad tidings and a warner and as one who invites unto God by His leave and as an illuminating lamp." [Quran 33:45-6]

MISCONCEPTION #10: Muslims don't believe in Jesus or any other prophets.

Muslims respect and revere Jesus, upon him be peace, and await his Second Coming. They consider him one of the greatest of God's messengers to mankind. A Muslim never refers to him simply as 'Jesus', but always adds the phrase 'upon him be peace' (abbreviated as (u) here). The Quran confirms his virgin birth (a chapter of the Quran is entitled 'Mary'), and Mary is considered the purest woman in all creation. The Quran describes the Annunciation as follows:

"Behold!" the Angel said, "God has chosen you, and purified you, and chosen you above the women of all nations.  O Mary, God gives you good news of a word from Him whose name shall be the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, honored in this world and the Hereafter, and one of those brought near to God.  He shall speak to the people from his cradle and in maturity, and shall be of the righteous." She said: "O my Lord! How shall I have a son when no man has touched me?" He said:  "Even so; God creates what He will.  When He decrees a thing, He says to it, "Be!" and it is"  (Quran 3:42-47)

Jesus (pbuh) was born miraculously through the same power, which had brought Adam (u) into being without a father:

"Truly, the likeness of Jesus with God is as the likeness of Adam.  He created him of dust, and then said to him, 'Be!' and he was." [Quran 3:59]

During his prophetic mission Jesus (u) performed many miracles. The Quran tells us that he said:

" I have come to you with a sign from your Lord:  I make for you out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, and breath into it and it becomes a bird by God's leave.  And I heal the blind, and the lepers, and I raise the dead by God's leave." [Quran 3:49]

Neither Muhammad (pbuh) not Jesus (pbuh) came to change the basic doctrine of the brief in One God brought by earlier prophets, but to confirm and renew it.

In the Quran Jesus (pbuh) is reported as saying that he came: 

"To attest the law which was before me.  And to make lawful to you part of what was forbidden you; I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, so fear God and obey Me. "[Quran 3:50] 

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "Whoever believes there is no god but God, alone without partner, that Muhammad (pbuh) is His messenger, that Jesus is the servant and messenger of God, His word breathed into Mary and a spirit emanating from Him, and that Paradise and Hell are true, shall be received by God into Heaven. "(Hadith related by Bukhari).

Sources: (Islam: A Brief Introduction, Islamic Circle of North America, Jamaica, New York) (Understanding Islam and the Muslims, The Islamic Affairs Department The Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Washington DC, 1989.) (Badawi, Jamal, Polygamy in Islamic Law, The Muslim Students' Association of the United States & Canada,) (Islam and Farrakhanism Compared, The Institute of Islamic Information and Education, Chicago, Illinois) (Jihad Explained, The Institute of Islamic Information & Education, Chicago, Illinois)

18 August 2011

Picture Perfect : My Prayer and my sacrifice

"Say, My Prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are all for ALLAH, the Lord of the worlds; HE has no partner. And so I am commanded, and I am the first of those who submit."
[Quran 6:162-163]

Zakath & The 8 Receivers

Ramadan is the traditional time for giving zakat, but who does your money reach? Eight charities provide a brief insight.

Alms (Zakat) are for the poor and the needy, and those employed to administer the (funds); for those whose hearts have been (recently) reconciled (to Truth); for those in bondage and in debt; in the cause of Allah; and for the wayfarer: (thus is it) ordained by Allah, and Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.” [Quran 9:60]
One of the five pillars of Islam, Zakat is a purification for one’s wealth, freeing one from the love of possessions by encouraging humility and discipline. An essential principle of Islam is that everything belongs to Allah. We do not own our wealth, but have been entrusted with worldly possessions by Him.

Zakat means ‘purification’ and ‘growth’; possessions are purified by setting aside a portion for those in need, and like the pruning of plants, this cutting back encourages new growth.

The annual payment of zakat is different to any charitable gifts given out of kindness or generosity, otherwise known as sadaqah. Zakat is a mandatory religious obligation and forms the systematic giving of 2.5% of one’s net wealth each year, benefitting targeted recipients on a sustained basis.

From the Quranic verses ordaining zakat, eight classes of recipients have been identified by the scholars. As Ramadan approaches, we need to organise ourselves to reach out and distribute support to the eight beneficiaries of zakat.

01 The Masakeen – translated as ‘the destitute’, these are people who do not have anything, and who are in need of asking others for food, clothing and shelter.

02 The Fuqaraa - translated as the 'poor' or 'needy'.

03 Fuqaraa – translated as the ‘poor’ or ‘needy’, these people have some money, but not sufficient for their everyday needs. The elderly are often amongst the ‘fuqaraa’. The Prophet Muhammad said “He is not one of us who does not show tenderness to the young and who does not show respect to the elder.” (At-Tirmidhi). It is a sad fact that the elderly tend to be neglected in today’s society. According to recent research, older people are among the most excluded and materially worse off.

04 Amil’ Zakah – these are the alms collectors, people who the authority employs to collect zakat. The authority gives them a fee for their work, which includes collecting, recording, guarding, dividing and distributing zakat.
Fi sabi ‘Lillah – this means ‘in the path of Allah’ and pertains to anyone struggling for a righteous cause, including expenditure towards the promotion of Islam and for all charitable purposes.

05 Gharimun - these are the debtors, people burdened by debts because of personal needs or social necessity. These people should be given zakat if they do not have enough money beyond their basic needs to repay debts. Help should also provided to those who may have landed themselves in debt as a result of social obligations such as supporting an orphan or renovating a school.

06 Ibn as’Sabil – traditionally, the wayfarers are travellers stranded in a foreign land in need of money. These people can receive zakat, if the purpose for travelling is lawful. Wayfarers can today be interpreted as refugees or displaced people.

07 Riqab - the riqab are people in bondage or slavery. Zakat can be used to buy the freedom of such a person. Many people living in poor countries suffer from economic slavery at the hands of local landlords, rich industrialists, and multinational corporations that exploit natural and human resources.

08 Mu’Allaf - translated as ‘those who have inclined towards Islam’.  Zakat can be used to attract the hearts of those who have inclined towards Islam. It includes those who have just become Muslim, or those whose circumstances are so desperate they fear turning to crime if they are not helped.


16 August 2011

Transparent Organism

Look at the following transparent creatures and see how Allah Almighty had supported them with livelihood and ways of protections ….

In Qur'an, Allah talks to atheists who believe that this universe was created by coincidence: 

"This is the creation of Allah. So show me that which those (whom you worship) besides Him have created. Nay, the Zâlimûn (polytheists, wrongdoers and those who do not believe in the Oneness of Allah) are in plain error." [Quran31:11]

The believer needs to look attentively at the creations of Allah to increase his or her faith ….How Allah did create these creatures and subjected all means of livelihood….

Let us see those creatures and to glorify Allah almighty who says: 

"Allah is the Creator of all things, and He is the Wakîl (Trustee, Disposer of affairs, Guardian) over all things.)" [Quran 39:62]  

Here we will see how Allah had supported these creatures with some transparent organs to enable it to defend itself against attacking of enemies and to get its livelihood.

With a head like a fighter-plane cockpit, a Pacific barreleye fish shows off its highly sensitive, barrel-like eyes--topped by green, orblike lenses.

To see a video please click below:

The fish, discovered alive in the deep water off California's central coast by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), is the first specimen of its kind to be found with its soft transparent dome intact. 
The 6-inch (15-centimeter) barreleye (Macropinna microstoma) had been known since 1939--but only from mangled specimens dragged to the surface by nets.

Salps—transparent creature that range from 0.5 to five inches long Then the salp contracts muscle bands, and the water shoots out another siphon at its rear end, producing a jet that propels the animal forward. In the process, food particles in the water (mostly tiny plankton) are caught on a mesh of mucus strands inside the salp’s mostly hollow body

A beautiful butterfly with two transparent wings to frighten its enemies so that it can protect itself from attackers…..Glory to Allah

Another butterfly visiting a hairy melastomad plant that has windowpane wings. Color-bearing scales are reduced to fine hairs, making the wings transparent except for four eyelike dots. 

Another butterfly, Glasswing is a brush footed butterfly which is also called espejitos which means little mirrors. These glasswinged butterflies can be found in the Amazon rain-forest.

A transparent frog doesn't need to be dissected to see its internal organs and blood vessels. Isn’t He a great creator?

Another transparent frog its inside is seen clearly!!!

Another  Glass Frog of Central America

The Transparent Cave Crayfish

Phantom Glass Cats

A squid with a staring eye, it can see in darkness to catch the prey. God didn't forget to support it by means of getting livelihood. 

Allah almighty had supported this jellyfish by very sensitive sensors to see and catch the prey.

Another amazing jellyfish Glowing in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, this transparent jellyfish seems to inhabit another world. From the Arctapodema genus, the transparent jellyfish's grandeur is more remarkable given its inch-long (2.5-centimeter-long) size.  

A small fish (new born), Allah had supported it by this transparency feature to defend itself. 

Red and purple glowing squid, there are more than 300 species of that animal in the seas.

Tiny marine snails known as sea butterflies take many forms, including heart-shaped, such as this species in Antarctica's Weddell Sea.

A photographer's strobe gives a violet sheen to this translucent juvenile roundbelly cowfish off the coast of Kona, Hawaii.

It is a marine animal; its stomach is filled with green seaweeds!!!!!

Another marine animal has got the ability to make these glowing lights to frighten enemies.

Finally we say Glory to Allah who is the creator of every thing, God says: 

"He to whom belong the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and who has begotten no son (children or offspring) and for whom there is no partner in the dominion. He has created everything, and has measured it exactly according to its due measurements." [Quran 25:2]

By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel