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08 September 2012


The Prophet states in a Hadith: “There are two blessings in which most people are in great loss: good health and free time.” Most unfortunate is he who does not recognize these blessings and bounties and is not thankful for them.
Many of us have had or have good health and free time. However how many of us can answer with a true heart that we used these two blessings the way that they are meant to be used or have showed appreciation towards the Almighty the way we should have?

The Almighty has not given us this good health to waste, He has given health and time to us for a purpose; that we worship him the way He is meant to be worshipped, to spread His religion and to call people towards Islam; and to help humanity who are in dire need of help.

Then again, how many of us have put this good health to use? How many of us have worshipped Allah the way he is meant to be worshipped? How many of us have helped the religion of Islam? How many of us have thanked Almighty Allah for the good health that he has blessed us with? These are all questions that we should ponder upon.

As the saying goes, “The only time you realize the value of a gift is when you lose it.” By the time we realize the value of these special gifts bestowed upon us, we would probably have lost them by then. Then no matter how much regret we have, they will never come back.

Think about our free time. How many hours are spent sitting in front of the television? How many hours are wasted merely listening or watching a game of football? Imagine how much we could have worshipped the Creator and attained his pleasure and high status in the Hereafter. Have we no value for this time?

The Prophet has said in a Hadith: “Take advantage of five conditions before five others: youth before old age; good health before sickness; free time before you become occupied; wealth before poverty; and life before death.

This is a true story written by Ansar Sheikh. It may change your life, your way of thinking and your aims in life. It is a story of a man from Bahrain named Ibrahim Nasser. He has been paralyzed completely since birth and can only move his head and fingers. Even his breathing is done with the help of instruments.

It was the wish of this young man to meet Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi. So Ibrahim’s father spoke to the Sheikh on the phone in order to arrange a visit to Ibrahim. Ibrahim was very happy to see Sheikh Nabil open the door to his room. We can only see his happiness from his expression as he is unable to speak. The moment Sheikh Nabil entered Ibrahim’s room, Ibrahim was filled with joy. The Sheikh kissed him on the forehead.

Thus Sheikh Nabil and Ibrahim started talking about Da’wah on the internet and the striving it requires. They also exchanged some stories. And during their conversation, Sheikh Nabil asked Ibrahim a question. A question that made Ibrahim weep… and tears rolled down Ibrahim’s cheek. Ibrahim could not help but weep when he remembered some painful memories. Sheikh Nabil wipes the tears from Ibrahim’s face.

Do you know what question it was that made Ibrahim weep? The Sheikh asked: “Oh Ibrahim! If Allah had given you health, what would you have done?” And thus Ibrahim wept bitterly and he made the Sheikh, his father, his uncle and everyone in the room weep … even the camera man wept.

And his answer was: “By Allah! I would have performed my Salah (prayer) in the Masjid (mosque) with joy. I would have used the favor of health in everything that would please Allah Almighty.

This free time of ours should be spent in the remembrance of the Almighty. In the Hereafter, the people of Paradise will regret all the free time they wasted in the world for they could have achieved a higher status in Paradise.

"By (the Token of) time (through the Ages), Verily Man is in loss,  Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy." Quran 103:1-3

Allah has favored us with health and leisure but we do not perform our acts of worship on time. We sit for hours in front of the computer or TV. Do not waste time. Every second that passes by will never come back. We have to put all this time into good use.

May we have the ability to spend our free time worshipping Allah Almighty. Amin.
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