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06 February 2012

Health Benefits of Green Tea

"It is He Who rains water down from the sky. With that water, We bring out seedlings of all kinds, which We turn into dense green foliage and finally into thick clusters of grain. With that (same water) We produce date-trees and their heavy clusters of dates hanging low. We produce orchards of grapes, olives and pomegranates. They all appear similar and yet are different. Look at the trees when they bear fruit, and look at the process of its ripening. In it are indeed signs for a nation that believes! " [Quran 6:99]

Green tea was discovered by the Chinese over 4000 years ago. It is used for its medicinal and herbal powers. Its leaves are not oxidized but they are steamed to preserve its nutrition, therefore there are know many green tea benefits to human health.

Here are the most important health benefits of green tea:
1.It is believed to have polyphenols in it, which helps it burn the calories and maintaining the heat of the body.
2. Its leaves contain EGCG which helps the body to fight the cancer cells and does not allow them to enter the body.
3. It also minimizes the risk of strokes in the body.
4. Green tea has satisfying effects on hypertension and cholesterol.
5. One of its ingredient Catechine helps destroy bacteria which causes food poisoning in the stomach.
6. It also helps in suppressing appetite.
7. It is also believed that t is very beneficial for oral hygiene.
8. It is accepted that green tea is quite healthy for the heart.
9. It is believed to work well in improving the functioning of the immune system.
10. Green tea is fabulous for diet conscious people.
11. Ingredients of green tea help increasing the rate of burning of fat and calories.
12. Some of substances that are found in green tea modify the utility of norepinephrine a kind of hormone.
13. It is understood that green tea helps preventing rheumatoid arthritis.
14. Another of green tea benefits is that it helps you in knowing when your stomach is full so there is no need to overeat.
15. Green tea increases you stamina and increases the energy. Thus helps you to do more work.
16. It is used for generations for solving problems of indigestion or depression.
17. Green tea benefits your health by removing free radicals.
18. It is working miracles for diabetes and blood pressure problems.
19. It is also reported that that it cures many skin related problems.
20. It can also give solution to major diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
21. It also opposes HIV.

"And on the earth hard by each other are its various portions: gardens of grapes and corn, and palm trees single or clustered. Though watered by the same water, yet some make we more excellent as food than other: Verily in all this are signs for those who understand." [Quran 13:4]

Green tea is now the 2nd most popular drink consumed worldwide after water. It has many beneficial roles which have made it very common among individuals. Following are the direct benefits of green tea:

1. CANCER: It reduces the risk of cancer in a person. The antioxidants which are present in this tea are very effective and much more powerful than any antioxidant.

2. HEART DISEASE: It lowers the risk of any heart disease and strokes. It also reduces the levels of cholesterol in the body.

3. ANTI AGING: This tea contains polyphenols, a kind of antioxidant, which helps the body fight against free radicals. This in a way helps in longevity of your life.

4. WEIGHT LOSS: It is the main reason why it is the most consumed drink. It naturally helps the body lose the extra weight. It helps burning fat and reducing calories.

5. SKIN: The antioxidants present in this tea help the body to protect from the ill effects of free radicals

6. ARTHRITIS: Green tea can be very helpful in lowering the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. It saves the cartilage by killing the enzymes that attack the cartilage.

7. BONES: Green tea leaves are rich in fluoride content. This helps this tea to keep your bones very strong. Consumption of green tea everyday can help improve and maintain your bones density.

8. CHOLESTEROL: Drinking green tea helps lower your levels of cholesterol. It also maintains the perfect ratio of the good and the bad cholesterol.

9. OBESITY: It inhibits the movement and flow of glucose in cells and this helps it prevent your body from obesity.

10. DIABETES: It enhances the metabolism of glucose and lipid in the body. Thus it impedes the increase in sugar level.

11. LIVER DISEASE: This tea helps patients with transplant surgeries by lowering the chances of any failure in transplant. In fatty liver cells it removes the free radicals.

12. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: It controls the angiotensin which controls blood pressure. Hence it lowers the risk of high blood pressure and the problems that occur with higher blood pressure.

13. FOOD POISONING: The presence of Catechine in this tea helps it to destroy the bacteria that cause food poisoning.

14. IMMUNITY: The presence of flavanoid and antioxidant polyphenols help in amplifying your immune system.

There are many types of the green tea made by varied processes and hence tastes differently. Some are mild and some are strong, but they all have great weight loss and other green tea benefits.

Dua/ Prayer
Allahummaghfirlii warhamniy wahdiniy wa 'aafiniy warzuqniy wajburniy war fa'aniy.
(Oh Allah, forgive me and have mercy on me, and keep me on the right path, and keep me healthy, and provide me with halal sources of living, and complete my shortcomings and make my rank high).
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