The Story of France with Firown (Pharaoh)

Is it possible that this mummy in front of me is the one who was chasing Moses?:Professor Maurice Bucaille


One of the best gifts that we can offer ourselves is forgiveness

Miracles Of The Quran

The unprecedented style and the superior wisdom inherent in the Qur'an is conclusive evidence confirming that it is the Word of God.

The Truth About Jesus Christ

Tells the truth about Christianity-How the gospels are unreliable- Audience member shouts at him a few times.

Parent-Child Relationship in Islam

Islam recognises family as a basic social unit. Along with the husband-wife relationship the Parent-child relationship is the most important one

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29 December 2015

Stories of the Prophets - by Mufti Ismail Menk

01: Introduction To Stories Of The Prophets

02: Creation Of Aadam (as) / Adam

03: Aadam (as) on Earth - Part 1 / Adam

04: Aadam (as) On Earth - Part 2

05: Sheeth (as)

06: Idrees (as) /Enoch

07: Nuh (as) /Noah

08: Hud (as) /Heber

09: Saalih (as) /Shelah

10: Ibraheem (as) /Abraham - Part 1

11: Ibraheem (as) /Abraham - Part 2

12: Ibraheem (as) and Ismail (as) / Abraham- Ishmael- Part 3

13: Ibraheem (as) / Abraham - Part 4

14: Lut (as) / Lot

15: Yaqub (as) and Yusuf (as) /Jacob-Joseph - Part 1

16: Yusuf (as) /Joseph - Part 2

17: Yusuf (as) /Joseph - Part 3

18: Ayoub (as) and Yunus (as) /Job-Jonah

19: Musa (as) and Haroon (as) /Moses-Aaron - Part 1

20: Musa (as) and Haroon (as) /Moses-Aaron - Part 2

21: Musa (as) and Haroon (as) /Moses-Aaron - Part 3

22: Musa (as) and Bani Israeel /Moses- Tribe of Israel - Part 1

23: Musa (as) and Bani Israeel /Moses- Tribe of Israel - Part 2

24: Shu'ayb (as) /Jethro

25: Musa, Uzair, Hizqeel, Yushua, Dawud (as)/ Part 1

26: Dawud (as) /David - Part 2

27: Sulayman (as) /Solomon - Part 1

28: Sulayman 
(as)-Part 2 , Ilyaas, Dhul Kifl, Zakariyyah, Yahya (as)

29:Isa (as)/ Jesus

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04 September 2015

Full Movie of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - THE MESSAGE

Tells the story of the seventh century prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who changed world history in 23 years, and continues to shapes the lives of more than 1.2 billion people

14 August 2015

Stages of man's embryonic development in the Quran

In the Holy Quran, God speaks about the stages of man's embryonic development, 1,400 years before modern day scientists 'discovered' important information on creation of man and his development.
In 1980 ( Dr. Keith Leon Moore is a professor emeritus in the division of anatomy, in the Faculty of Surgery, at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada) was invited to Saudi Arabia to lecture on anatomy and embryology at King Abdulaziz University. While he was there, Moore was approached by the Embryology Committee of King Abdulaziz University for his assistance in interpreting certain verses in the Qur’an and some sayings in the Hadiths which referred to human reproduction and embryological development. Moore says that he was amazed at the scientific accuracy of some of the statements which were made in the 7th century AD:

"For the past three years, I have worked with the Embryology Committee of King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, helping them interpret the many statements in the Qur’an and Sunnah referring to human reproduction and prenatal development. At first I was astonished by the accuracy of the statements that were recorded in the 7th century AD, before the science of embryology was established." - Dr. Moore

22 July 2015

The oldest Quran Scans Released

Birmingham University have found fragments of potentially the world’s oldest Quran, which was completed at the very latest 20 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). The ancient fragments of the nearly 1400 year old Quran was very likely transcribed by one of the the Prophet’s companions, possibly under the supervision of the Prophet himself. Despite being so old, upon examination it has been found to be identical to the in print Quran today.

06 June 2015

Time is ticking

"Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing)." (Qur'an Al-Imran 3:185)

The slave loves to meet Allah and has an ardent desire to look at Him Subhannahu wa Ta’ala. It can not be imaginedthat the heart can love Allah except that it desires to meet Him and to see Him.
An ardent desire to meet Allah is a highand elevated station that emerges from a strong love of Allah Azza wa Jalla.

Abu Ad Darda’a (Radiyallahu anhu) used to say:

“I love death, desiring the meeting with my Lord. I love poverty, humbling myself to my Lord. And I love sickness in order that my sins might be expiated.”

How many of us desire to meet Allah? Are we ready to meet him? Have you packed your bags?

When we pack our bags to go visit far away living friends, we remember to pack our clothes, shoes, bathroom neccesities and other little things ....

Since we could understand right from wrong, we have started packing our bags and will finish when our souls leave us.

Have you packed your salah everyday?
Have you packed your fasting?
Have you packed your reading and memorizing the quran?
Have you packed those little things we do and get ajar for?
Have you?

Our bags are called life. We have to pack everyday because we don't know when Allah wil call us back too him, so we have to be ready too go all the time, any where.

And on the way up to Allah, you don't get any U-turns so that you could go back and get the things you forgot to pack. So start packing if you already haven't, and don't forget, there's no such thing as too many bags when were packing for our trip to Allah.

24 May 2015

Picture Perfect: Mecca at night from Space (Night view)

Subahanallah. May Allah make us visit his house.

13 January 2015

1500 year-old Bible found in Turkey, Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified, Vatican in shock!

Much to the dismay of the Vatican, an approx. 1500-2000 year old bible was found in Turkey, in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara.  Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000, the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas – a disciple of Christ – which shows that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the son of God, but a Prophet.  The book also calls Apostle Paul “The Impostor”.  The book also claims that Jesus ascended to heaven alive, and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place.

A report by The National Turk says that the Bible was seized from a gang of smugglers in a Mediterranean-area operation. The report states the gang was charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations, and the possession of explosives.  The books itself is valued as high as 40 Million Turkish Liras (approx. 28 mil. Dollars).  Man, where is the Thieves Guild, when you need them?


According to reports, experts and religious authorities in Tehram insist that the book is original.  The book itself is written with gold lettering, onto loosely-tied leather in Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ.  The text maintains a vision similar to Islam, contradicting the New Testament’s teachings of Christianity.   Jesus also foresees the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, who would found Islam 700 years later.

It is believed that, during the Council of Nicea, the Catholic Church hand-picked the gospels that form the Bible as we know it today; omitting the Gospel of Barnabas (among many others) in favor of the four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Many biblical texts have begun to surface over time, including those of the Dead Sea and Gnostic Gospels; but this book especially, seems to worry the Vatican.

The Catholic Church wants in

What does this mean to Christian-derived religions and their followers?  Quite a tight spot.  The Vatican has asked Turkish authorities to let them examine the contents of the book within the Church.  Now that the book has been found, will they come to accept the it and its evidence?  Will they deny it altogether?  Call it a “Muslim lie”, as did the “Truth” Magazine, in 2000?  To many, this book is a beacon of hope, that believers soon realize that the object of their adoration is arbitrary; and that all text, especially religious text, is subject to interpretation.

What does this mean to atheists/agnostics/secular thinkers?  Is the text real?  Fake?  Does it matter?  Hopefully, this news inspires the religious to ask questions, instead of pointing fingers or believing anything blindly.  Please, don’t go poking fun or tossing around the “I told you so!”s.  The biggest danger of faith is when people believe what they want to believe, defending against any and all evidence; especially when that evidence revolutionizes their foundation from the ground up.  And the biggest culprit to that danger is the ego trap: rejecting/criticizing others, for being unlike you.  For centuries, the “defense” of blind faith has driven nations to war, violence, discrimination, slavery and to become the society of automatons that we are today; and for just as long, it has been justified with lies.  If you know better, act like it.

Ancient gospel in Aramaic language found in turkey predicts the coming of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Source: National Turk , The First Council of NicaeaWikipedia , The Huffington Post

"They have taken their priest and their monks for lords besides ALLAH. And so have they taken the Messiah, son of Mary. And they were not commanded but to worship the One God. There is no God but HE. Holy is HE far above what they associate with Him !" [Quran 9:31]

"O ye who believe ! surely, many of the priest and the monks devour the wealth of men by false means and turn men away from the way of ALLAH. And those who hoard gold and silver and spend it not in the way of ALLAH - give to them the tidings of a painful punishment." [Quran 9:34]