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18 May 2009

ISLAM-The Misunderstood Religion

Abdurraheem Green embraced Islam over 20 years ago and since that time has been active in the field of da'wah. Abdurraheem was educated in a Christian monastic school and although held strong Christian principles dabbled with other religions. This continual quest to find meaning to life eventually led him to Islam. 

Abdurraheem spent many years at Speakers' Corner in Hyde park, where he made his name as an inspirational orator. He has been delivering talks nationwide including universities during this time, and also on international platforms, such as the Peace Conference in Mumbai. He is a regular on Peace TV with many of his lectures widely watched on YouTube. 

Abdurraheem is a founding member and chairman of iERA 

NOTE: In this video the speaker is having a cold and periodically struggles to speak 

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