The Story of France with Firown (Pharaoh)

Is it possible that this mummy in front of me is the one who was chasing Moses?:Professor Maurice Bucaille


One of the best gifts that we can offer ourselves is forgiveness

Miracles Of The Quran

The unprecedented style and the superior wisdom inherent in the Qur'an is conclusive evidence confirming that it is the Word of God.

The Truth About Jesus Christ

Tells the truth about Christianity-How the gospels are unreliable- Audience member shouts at him a few times.

Parent-Child Relationship in Islam

Islam recognises family as a basic social unit. Along with the husband-wife relationship the Parent-child relationship is the most important one

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16 December 2013

Dhikr is better for you

When Faatimah (daughter of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)), asked her father, for a servant, she complained to him regarding what she suffers from in terms of actions of the household. He said to her and her husband.

Shall I not tell you of something better for you than a servant? If you go to your bed, say Subhaana Allaah thirty-three times, Al-Hamdu Lillaah thirty three times, and Allaahu Akbar thirty three times, because that is better for you than a servant.(Reported by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim)

Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allaah have mercy on him, said:
"The Prophet (pbuh), taught his daughter Faatimah and `Ali to say Subhaan Allaah thirty-three times, AlHamduLillaah thirty three times, and Allaahu thirty three times, when she asked him for a servant and complained to him regarding the difficulties of grinding, walking, and serving. So, he taught them both those supplications, and said: ‘that is better for you than a servant,’ so, it was said that whoever is constant in doing that, they would find strength in their day that would make them self-sufficient, not needing a servant.”{ Al-Waabil As-Sayyib (pg. 77).}

11 December 2013

Picture Perfect: There is always time to Pray

Pause your world. Pause your work, your sleep, your life for the comfort of the heart. Pause it for The One who holds it all... and get up for the healthiness of the body and soul, get up for Fajr prayer.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Whoever prays the dawn prayer [Fajr], then He is under Allah’s protection. So beware, O son of Adam, that Allah doesn’t call you to account for being absent from His protection for any reason.” [Muslim]

01 December 2013

Picture Perfect: Sincere Dua

Never underestimate the power of Dua,
One sincere prayer can change your whole life.

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