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15 August 2011

Today's Laugh: Men in the Desert

Two men are in the desert, one called Steve and the other James. They have no water, are very thirsty but suddenly notice a Mosque nearby. They decide to go in with James telling Steve, 

I’m going to pretend my name’s Abdul, otherwise they won’t give us anything to eat or drink cos’ we’re not Muslims. You change your name too.” 

But Steve refused. 

I’m not changing my name for anyone! My name’s Steve and that’s it.” 

They go in and meet the Imam. 

Hi, my name’s Abdullah and this is Steve.” 

The Imam replies, 

Hello Steve and Assalamu ‘alaykum Abdul.” 

He turns to Steve and says, “Come and have some food and water Steve.” He then turns to Abdul and says, “Ramadhan Mubarak.
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