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20 November 2014

Turn Back and Thank Allah

A man was in his jeep stuck in a traffic, he saw a man flying over him in plane. He started praying to ALLAH that ALLAH should make him fly like this to avoid all the traffic jam and when he turned back, he saw a man in his small car praying to ALLAH to give him a jeep like that of the man to avoid all the heat he was experiencing. Dis man also turned back and saw another man on motorbike praying to ALLAH to give him a small car to avoid the direct sunlight over his head. Dis man also turned back and saw another man walking on a bridge praying to ALLAH to give him a  motorbike to help avoid de long distance of crossing de bridge. Dis man turned back and saw a handicapped praying to ALLAH to have given him legs to cross de bridge without a wheelchair. De handicapped turned and saw an ambulance with a sick person praying to ALLAH to give him life even if he has no legs. Moral lesson. No matter what  your conditions maybe, always remember to be grateful to ALLAH at all times, because what others go through is worst than what you are going through.

"The life of this world is nothing more than play and pastime. The abode of the hereafter is certainly far better for the pious. Do you not understand? " [Quran 6:32]

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