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22 October 2013

A man entered Paradise because of a fly, while another entered the Fire because of a fly

It is reported from Tariq Ibn Shihab (Radhi Allaahu Anhu) that the Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) said:

They asked: "How was that possible, oh, Messenger of Allah (may Peace Be Upon Him)?" He replied:

"Two men passed by a people who had an idol, which it was not permissible for anyone to pass without making a sacrifice to it. They (the people) said to the first man: "Sacrifice (something)." He said: "I have nothing with which to do so." They said: "Sacrifice some-thing, even if it were only a fly," and so he did so, and they allowed him to continue on his way and so he entered the Hell-fire. Then they said to the second man: "Sacrifice (something)." But he said: "I will not sacrifice anything unless it be to Allah , the Almighty, the All-powerful," so they struck his neck (and he died) and entered Paradise." (Narrated by Ahmad)

The Messenger of Allah (may Peace Be Upon Him) informs us in this Hadith that two men - possibly they were from the Children of Israel passed by a people who had an idol. They requested the two men to sacrifice something to it, even if it were only something small. The first of them sacrificed a fly, and because of this, he was thrown in the Hell-fire. The second, due to his strong faith and complete Tawheed, refused to do so and so they killed him and he entered Paradise.

"Say: "Verily, my prayer, my slaughter, my life and my death are [all] for Allah, the Lord of the worlds. He has no partner: This am I commanded, and I am the first of those who submit" (Qur'an 6:162-163)

"Therefore pray to your Lord and slaughter [animals in His Name only]" (Qur'an 8:102)

"Allah has cursed the one who slaughters in the name of other than Allah ; Allah has cursed the one who curses his parents; Allah has cursed the one who protects and shelters the muhdith (A criminal or wrongdoer). Allah has cursed the one who alters the land-marks." (Narrated by Muslim)
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