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14 October 2012

Poem: When the time comes

When that time comes, it is too late,
To take back all those words of hate.

To reflect on all the things you did wrong,
To wish you hadn't listened to that last song.

Death can catch us all by surprise,
Remember that the next time you tell your lies.

Remember that the next time you're at the club,
Or when you eat meat from Mr.Sub.

Is this how you want to be resurrected on Judgement Day?
Being brought up to your Lord in such a shameful way?

No one is garunteed to live until tomorrow,
When we pass away it brings our family great sorrow.

Why not leave your family with great respect and dignity,
Instead of mother saying"I wish she listened to me".

The care-free, shame-less, lifestyle is beautified be the west,
But all I can say is Allah knows best.

Which brings me back to one question:
Why would you want to die in such a shameful way,
Only to be resurrected like that on Judgement Day.

- By Mwanaisha A -
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