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12 July 2012

Poem: Ramadhan is coming

It’s only a few dayss away
I can’t wait
In anticipation
The coming of the new moon
And the best month of the year

I hope I’m alive
Although I’m young
There’s no guarantee
That I’ll be here next month

Been waiting
And silently praying
For a chance
To experience
Another Ramadhan

Last year I tried
To improve and change
Leave the bad habits
The drinking, womanising
Drugs and clubbing

Managed it for 30 days
But on Eid I went to a rave
I gave in, wasn’t brave
Went with the flow
And got totally smashed

Its true after Ramadhan Satan is unleashed

Since then it’s been downhill
Month after month
From one sin to many
The good deeds slowly fading away
And now I’m in debit
I just can’t deny it

My intentions are good
My heart is clean
But my actions tell another story.
I can do without food
But I can’t say no
When my mates invite me to a party

Life is a test
And I’ve failed so many
Is there hope for me?
Or am I destined to burn for eternity?

People judge me
Point and make accusations
But at least I’m honest
And not a fake wannabe Believer

I have realised that
No one is perfect
No one is doomed
Plenty of time to learn and improve
That’s what the Quran says
Gives me hope
And I must hold onto the Islamic rope

Mix with the good company
And not those who are misled by society
Say and practice impropriety
Time to make a pact
And correctly act
Obey Allah and his Rasool
And stop behaving and acting like a fool

Ramadhan is coming
Only a few days left
Time to clean up
Mind and soul

Ya Allah!

Just give me one more chance
I promise I will act like how I ought to
And make you proud of me
Your obediant servant and slave
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