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30 April 2012

The loaf of Bread that took him to Paradise

Ibn Masud r.a. narrated this incident :

A man from Bani Israel was a worshipper of Allah and he worhsipped Him till he reached 60 years of age.  One day a beautiful young girl came to stay in his neighbourhood. The man fell in her love and it was an affair. For six days the man enjoyed illict relation with the girl. Then he realised that it was a big sin that he committed. So he rushed to the Masjid and wept. He repented for a few days and remained hungry as well. Someone saw him and gave him  two loaf of breads to eat. He kept it aside and saw two hungy men around him. So instead of eating himself , he gave away the loaf of breads to the two men. A few hours later he died.

Allah commanded his 60 years of worship to be weighed against the 6 days of sins. The sins were heavier than his worship. It was a dangerous situation. Then Allah The Most Merciful commanded that his sins be weighed agaisnt those two chapatis. The chapatis proved heavier. He was pardoned.

Sahih Targeeb wa Tarheeb Shaikh Albani classified as Moukuf Sahih ( Proved authentic as coming from the companion of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him ).

Don’t take any wrong lessons from this story. It never means that charity is better than worship so you exempt your self from worship and just give charity. It is  a wrong understanding.

The correct lessons go as under :

1. Even if you are regular in worship for decades yet you are under the chance of being decieved by Shaitan.

2. Do not think that since you are a regular worshipper  you can get away with certain sins. In the case above we saw that the sins proved to be heavier.

3. If you commit a sin and realise that you were wrong repent, sincerly. It is the intensity of your repentance that determines how you will rewarded.

“And those who do something to be ashamed of or wrong their own selves, earnestly bring Allah to mind and ask for forgiveness for their sins – And who can forgive sins except Allah…” -Surah Imran verse 135.

4. If you commit sins try to repel them with good deeds as expiations

….Unless he Who repents and  believes and does good deeds, Allah wil change the evil of the person into good..”Surah Furqan verse 70

5. Your good deeds for a long time can also remind you of your sins and can lead you to repenet sincerly so keep worshipping Allah regularly and punctually.

6. Many a time a good deed done out of great intensity of heart, supressing your own need and helping others, can lead you to a Majestic Pardon from Allah.

By Nisaar Nadiadwala 
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