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14 March 2012

The Business of Marriage

The Hindustan Times Weekly Magazine had an interesting cover story on THE NEW BUSINESS OF MARRIAGE .(October 30, 2011).

The report says that those Marriage brokers who have a list of rich boys or beautiful girls preferably richer too, earn million of Rupees a year to fix up a wedding. Let me serve some of their findings..but remember most of these findings are related to Non Muslim communities of India but also serves a reflection of the Muslims society too in many places, countries and cities.

1.The average age for both men and women is 26 -28…. (if you or your son or your sister or brother fall in this category then it is not healthy for the society, because we know that many unIslamic societies don’t mind illicit affairs so these youth have a way to satisfy their natural need, but in a Muslim society it is not allowed.. so what options do our youth have? Neither they are married nor would they go for affair…)

2. On average there are more women ” in the market” than men !!!!!

In the 30 – 36 age group, there are 15 women to one man

In the 26 – 30 age group, there are 7 women to one man

3. For men, the most important is looks, the second is a rich girl. For the women, the single most important criterion for eligibility is wealth or salary, the second is education. For the parents of both men and women the most important criteria is wealth !!!!!

4. The registration fee by marriage brokerage firms that caters to the rich class ( read… that sells the bio-data and portfolios of rich and good looking girls and boys) is between 300 US$ to 600 US$.

Once the deal is clicked the completion fees ranges from 2000 US $ to 6000 US $. Some brokers of elite class charge a percentage of total expense of the wedding.

5. One broker shared the craze he came across…. “I asked a family who came looking for a match for their son, ” what type of girl you are looking for ?” They replied, ” We want a BRANDED GIRL ” ( A daughter of a rich and famous family is called a branded bride)

This reminds me a painful incident I came across. I visited a Muslim matrimonial brokerage firm and asked them how many applications do you get every year ? He replied, ” We receive around a 100 applications of girls a year ” And how many you manage to get married out of those 100 ? I asked. He replied.. Only 2 or 3 !!!! Remember, this firm catered to middle class families.

Indeed marriage has turned into an industry, and it is sad to note that even Muslim marriages are turning into expensive events catering to decorators, big halls, caterers, beauty parlors, dress designers…..

Note this Qur’anic verse from Surah Nahl ch 16 verse 72..

Allah has created from you mates from your own nature and from your mates He has created for you children and grand children and provided of you good rizq ( sustenance).. Will you then believe in vain things and be ungrateful to Allah’s favour ?”….

Don’t forget to note that in this verse Allah calls weddings as His blessings..will you delay or deny it by making it complicated?

By Nisaar Nadiadwala

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