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28 February 2012

Poem: Uncloak My Veil

You'd die for me to uncloak my veil
Haven't succeeded to your avail
Mock my faith; claim it's causing my oppression
Distort the truth with your wide deception

To uncloak my veil would reveal my beauty
My beauty I reserve for my true love solely
To uncloak my veil would cost me greatly
Foolish men approaching abruptly

Loved enough not to aim for unwanted attention
Confident enough not to seek your wordly affection
My inner beauty I can uncloak
My point of view I shall expose

I chose to cloak my veil
Listen to God Who guides my trail
I'm not the one who's bitterly oppressed
You're just the one who's deeply obsessed

Longing to see me uncloak my veil
Disclose my beauty to all your males
Dress like the women on T.V.
So called role models exploited as “free
Sex, drugs, clubs
Society's unrequited love

No, thank you
I'm a rebel with a cause
I will never uncloak my veil
The lies you spout will not prevail

- by Jenan Zahria-

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