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26 February 2012

Poem: Handsome Death!

Death!!! Death!!! Death!!!
O death! Thou some have called the mighty,but you are not

When death comes,it brings fear,pain and sorrow
Death! Is no respectal of anyone
Death! Why have you decided to take the gentle and the arrogant?
Death! You need no advertisement to be popular
When death struck families,friends and relations
It is a sermon for those who understand
That whatever we do,we should do it right
For the end of all is death (Q23v12-15)
Death is so powerful that no living thing can escape it (Q10v56)
If death do collect bribe
It would have left the rich and kill the poor
Death is the end of one story and the beginning of another
Wherever you are,death will find you out (Q4v78)
Even if u are in towers built up strong and high (Q4v78)
If you think you are friends of Allah
Then desire death,but never will they desire death
Because their hands are not clean
But no matter how you run from death
One day you will die (Q62v6-8)
Man rejoice as long as the night continues to pass by (Q30v23)
Yet,each day that passes is a portion out of a lifetime (Q38v16)
Why do we fear death when we are born to die? (Q23v15)
The breath of man is his steps to his death (Q24v42)
No one knows when his/her time is up (Q7v34)
Man fools himself,he prays for long life and fears old age
But verily,the knowledge of the hour of death is with Allah alone (Q31v34)
Why death! Thou some have called the mighty
Death! You shall die (Q55v26-27)
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