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05 February 2012

Poem: The Forgotten Prisoners

In the dark cells do we hang around and wait
To hear the news about the world we hate
What’s the current situation of the Muslim nation?
Are they soldiers of Allah, or guards at the police station?

Restlessly walking around the tiny mole holes
Asking Allah to forgive us and protect our souls
Quiet it is every day and every night
Where are your letters that you used to write?

Life in the cells is indeed cold and grim
Our hearts cry out loud, deep down from within
 Why are my brothers and sisters so quiet all the time?
Do you not see these chains around his legs and mine?

Yes we are the forgotten prisoners of today
All day do we wait to read what you have to say
The kaafir next door has no trouble at all
His nation never forget him, sending him many letters for sure

We do not ask for the world, sun or moon
Only duaas written on paper, that we are released soon
Paper and pen is all it takes my dear brothers
Do you have no time for those who left their mothers?

Plain are our walls, with only a written du’aa or two
From our mothers, wives, children, nieces and nephews
If only the walls were covered with the words which are great
Indeed when I see the walls, do I shudder in disgrace

What a time I am in, where I must beg for support
It hardly comes willingly – though I wish it would
I cry and I weep, every night and everyday
Remember me in your du’aas, write to me today

An ummah of 1.5 billion is just a figure of no use
You enjoy your life as you watch us tortured and abused
Our situation is no movie, why do you not understand?
Please, write to us – Let us see the words of your hand

Lonely we are in the cold cells deep
Days and nights are horrid, we can hardly sleep
Forgotten prisoners we are, our loved ones have all gone
Though our Lord is always besides us, He is the only One!

- Author: Qalamul Aseer -
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