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08 February 2012

Life and Death

Every soul that is born on this face of earth will return to its lord one day,

"He gives life and He gives death, and to Him you shall all return!
[Quran 10:56]

Who decides when we will return and how?

Take a look at these amazing shots which teaches us great lessons for our lives.

01-A pride of lions is marching for a hunt
02- The lions observing the environment  
03-The lions sense something strange ahead
04-A Kudu bull appears in the scene, Surprise for lions, meal on the way!
05-A lion chases the prey  and the other lions quickly on to their positions
06-The Kudu bull running for its life but didn't expect an another danger waiting ahead
07-The lion pride has set the ambush, the Kudu bull runs right into the the trap
08-The male lion attacks first!
09-Kudu bull some how escapes and then runs into set of female lions
10-Female lions launches the attack 
11-The kudu bull and a female lion both takes a big jump into the air
12-The kudu bull knocks down the female lion and lands on the earth
13-The kudu bull struggles to stand on its legs while the lions are on the chase
14-The Kudu bull gives his full strength to regain speed
15-The kudu bull back on the running track with full speed
16-Subahanallah, This one actually got away!

The above incident resembles our life, how much of troubles and struggles we face in our daily life; sometimes we come across life and death just like the Kudu bull in the above images, this bull would have survived this time because the appointed time of death has not yet come for this bull at this moment, it is certain we are going to die one day but we don't know WHEN!" 

Say (O Muhammad SAW): `I have no power over any harm or benefit for myself save that which ALLAH wills. For every people there is an appointed term. When their term is come, they cannot remain behind a single moment, nor can they get ahead of it.'
[Quran 10:49]

We are living today but everyday is not as the same day which we have come across, God gives us many chances in our life, one thing is for sure,   the clock is ticking!
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