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23 February 2012

If you have to see to believe

Two fish swam together in the sea:a young fish and an older wiser fish.

They came upon a tempting meal on a hook.The younger fish rushed forward to get the meal.

Stop!” said the older fish, “attached to that hook is a line, and attached to that line is the fishing pole of a fisherman. As tempting as it looks, it’s nothing but trouble.

So the two swam peacefully on their way.

Later the young fish returned to the meal on the hook. He couldn’t see a line,and he couldn’t see a pole or a fisherman.

In fact all he could see was the sea and since he couldn’t see anything
else, he didn’t believe that anything existed outside the sea!

So he took a big bite. The hook caught in his mouth and a line suddenly yanked him up and out of the sea. The young foolish fish could now see the pole and the fisherman and the world above the sea……

If you have to see to believe, it may be too late!

Moral: You didn't come out of nothing and you don't go into nothing!
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