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04 January 2012

We Both Won

In our lives, we pray to all mighty Allah for our success but we regret when we tumble into failures; we think our prayers are not answered, Allah does not love me, we are sinners, our prayers didn't reach Allah, some go into extreme regression and lose their faith in Allah by uttering words such as There is no God, Allah is hard-hearted, It is not worth worshipping him etc… Astaghfirullah, May Allah forgive us and may protect us from uttering such words.

Here is a story where we need to learn the lessons of how to take up victory and defeats.

There was club cricket matches arranged by the locals of Sri Lanka, many team participated in the matches and after the epic rough battles between all teams, two teams made it up to the finals. The two finalist teams’ captains were Muslims.

The final match began; the audience believed both teams are equally strong in all balling, batting and fielding departments.

Before the match started both the captains bowed their heads on the ground and prayed to Allah for their victory, the match went on neck to neck, the match was thrilling and the audience couldn’t predict which team will win, the match reached the last moment, one ball is left and two runs needed with one wicked in hands, at last the batting team got the remaining two runs and won the match by one wicked.

After the victory celebration; the prize giving ceremony started, the announcer got the mike in his hands (who was an atheist) called the loosing captain and asked, “How was the match?

The losing captain replied, “All praises to Allah”, the announcer got puzzled & became curious and asked him back, “You both prayed to God but God gave victory to your opponent.  Why do you still praise God for losing the match?

The losing captain answered, “Yes we both captains are Muslims and we prayed to Allah for our victory but WE BOTH WON!

The announcer got even more confused and asked him back, “What do you mean by…WE BOTH WON?

The losing captain replied, “God taught him a lesson how you should win a match and God taught me a lesson how you should NOT lose a match.

Moral: When you lose; it doesn’t mean Allah has failed you, but He has taught you a greater lesson for your next moment and preparing you to face even greater challenges ahead in your life.

"O you who believe! seek help through patience and prayer; surely Allah is with the patient." [Quran 2:153]
By Muhammed Aadhil - Facebook

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