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23 January 2012

Poem: Why do you ignore the command of your lord

Why do you ignore the command of your lord
Allah’s anger and disgrace can you afford?

Time, health, worship, a whole life time wasted
Shaitan came with failed promises and you hasted

Even though Allah told us innahu aduwun mubiin
Yet you were still ever so keen

My dear Ummah through the dhikr of Allah do hearts find peace
Every hour, every minute, every seconds you should seize

By the sight of Allah the mountains crumble
Isn’t that enough to make us humble?

Now your time is up and regret starts to build up
When shaitan called, you should of ignored or at least hanged up

Indeed Allah was sufficient for us but you turned away
Family and friends all in tears as they say;
ina lillahi wa inna illayhi rajioon

It was you who enjoyed the music and the lovely tune
Will the stars disobey Allah, the sun, the moon?

But you thought you had it cool
Indeed you played the biggest fool

Surely the promise of Allah will not fail
But your time is up and the ship of repentance has already sailed

Now you’re all alone 6 ft under the ground
Dark, cold, not even a single sound

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