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06 January 2012

Poem : Look In The Stars

Look In The Stars
What Do You See

I See A Brother
Without His Mother

Look In The Stars
What Do You Hear

I Hear The Screaming Of A Father
Losing His Precious Daughter

Look In The Stars
What Do You Feel

I Feel The Cold Blood
On The Sisters Face

But What Do We Do..

We Sit And Watch The T.v And Hear The News
Were Lucky To See Happiness

While Others See Sadness

Every Kaafir Wants To Kill Every Muslim
Every Muslim Wants To Kill Every Kaafir

But When Its Time To Pray Fajr We Cant Beat The Sheets

Don’t Let Shaitain Rule Ur Life

We All Want 2 Have A Future
But There Is No Future Without Putting
Trust In Allah First

So We Better Start Praying For Our Ummah
Or Don’t We Ave Any Feelings For Them

We Will All Struggle In Life
No Matter Were We Are

But Have Dignity In Yourself

Were Muslim By Faith Not By Name

O’Allah Help All Muslims And 1 Daii We’ll
Meet In Jannah 1 Daii Inshallah

Now Look In The Star
What Do You Hear
What Do You See
What Do You Feel

Look In The Stars
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