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05 December 2011

Prayer Movements & Health Benefits

For Muslims, praying five times is a liability. and turns the prayer movement provides a very remarkable influence to the health of our bodies.


Giving blood flow from the veins contained dilengan to loaded into the eyes, ears, mouth.

2.SEDEKAP (Charging Vein Organs of the Head)

Pinning vein in the left arm so that the blood vessels in the hands of the right will expand. At the bow lifting tanganmau high-speed sprays of blood vessels in the right hand will fill existing blood vessels in the head.

3.RUKUH (flexing Memory Brain and Kidney)

Flexibility of the spine that contains bone marrow, is a central nervous system and blood flow. Perfect bow will draw veins waist so as to prevent back pain and kidney pain. The lever system is contained in pinggung sweat, hips, thighs, calves back, preserved by bowing movements, and neck bones, and nerve channels of memory there is also flexibility.

4.I ‘Tidal (for Preventing Headaches and Waist)

Position I’tidal wake of the bow makes the blood flow down directly from the head, causing the base of the brain that regulate balance decreases blood pressure. So that can prevent nerve balance our body is very useful to relieve headaches and fainting with sudden.

5.SUJUD (Prevention of Coronary and Stroke)

At the bow of the arteries behind, locked dipangkal thigh, so that blood pressures will be mainly channeled back to the heart and the pump to the head. Prostration is how best to drain the blood and oxygen to the brain and limbs in the head. Dujud position is the best technique to break the blockage of blood vessels thus preventing coronary heart. Also makes small blood vessels in the brain gets more pressure, so that it can prevent stroke.

6.SITTING between two prostrations (Sitting Perkasa)

Bending the foot and toes can balance the nervous system and the electrical balance of our body. Sitting position 2 bow repair and maintain the flexibility that a lot of nerve might have on the inner thighs, knees basin to the toes. As a result of nerve bending prowess will prevent diabetes, prostate and hernia.

7.SITTING TAHIYYAT EARLY (Sitting Combustion)

This sitting position if a bit long so that the folds of the thighs and calves met, will activate the sweat glands so as to prevent calcification. Vein above the base of the foot tertakan so the blood will fill the entire sole of the foot causes the blood vessels at the base of the legs swell. This move will menjegah for optimal foot support our bodies.

8.SITTING TASYAHHUD END (The balance nerves and Healing Hemorrhoids)

The sitting position is better than cross-legged. In the science of yoga that the ankle will be held, and press diarea basin would be useful to unload the left foot of calcification. Sitting balance that makes the nerves associated with the optic nerve would be properly maintained.

9.SALAM (Disease Therapy Head)

Regards movement if done optimally beneficial to maintain the flexibility jugular vein. Thanks to the contraction of muscles in the head and the heat energy produced substances diperlukkan for the rehabilitation of damaged tissue. Hail to the maximum right and left, prevents disease heads and stiff neck.

"Guard strictly your (habit of) prayers, especially the Middle Prayer; and stand before God in a devout (frame of mind)." [Quran 2:238]

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