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20 December 2011

Poem: Desert Rose

I began my journey the day I was born.
My name told my destiny.

Yet, it remained hidden for me to discover.
I traveled a long time to get to this moment.

So many cactuses I stumbled over in the dark.
No star lighted my path-- I was not yet awake.

Naivety guided me into sandstorms that made wounds in my soul.
Ignorance blinded me as the cactus' thorns scratched me.

However, these wounds propelled me forward and kept me on
a certain path.

One day, when I looked ahead, I saw an oasis.
A mirage, I thought, so I slowly walked towards it-- expecting
to be fooled again.

When I reached the mirage, I found a rose.
I touched it and found it was no dream.

Entranced by this rose, I placed it in the vase of my heart.
As it took root, it became a part of me.

My blindness lifted, for I could see the true Light.
Faith rested in my heart.

My desert rose led me to this destiny.
When I stray-- its paper thorns remind me to come back to
the straight path.

Each day it continues growing, it strengthens my heart and
my soul.

I water it with my prayers, my charity, my fasting.
This rose is here to stay--
It guides me to an eternal Garden.

My thoughts, my goals, my actions are preparing my place in
that Garden.

That is where I will rest my roots--
As long as this rose remains in my heart.
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