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16 December 2011

Before It's too late

Many people ignore precious opportunities when they come on their way. One of the reasons is Procastination.For a common man  it is ” Mental Lazinness”…

When Allah declares, “And any one who has done an atom’s weight of good shall see it…”, Surah Zalzala verse 7, He is asking us not to ignore or let go even small opportunities of doing good. It can  be a towering thing in terms of impact or results. Yet we ignore big  opportunities that come in our way.”We will do it later”, is the most common excuse we have.

Islam emphasises to hurry in good things and some of them are :

1. Repenting for Sins :
A scenario is sketched in the Qur’an about the plight of the delayers…, surah Mo’minoon: When death approaches one of them he cries out: “O my Lord! let me return back so that I can do some good in what I m leaving behind…”, and the answer he will receive is: "Surely NO!"

2. Delayed marriages :
I have written umpteen notes on it. In Surah Nahl verse 72.. Allah calls wives and children as blessings and ends the verse with a question to the readers…, “Will you agree with the false (theories and  ideologies) and reject the Blessings of Allah?

3. Delayed earnings :
Refer to the same  verse. It also speaks about Allah appointing  Halal and Tayyab rizq for us… and we delay earning till we reach thirties !!! Earn early if you can and see what a joy it brings when you spend your own money for your parents and nee dies..

4. Delayed Charity :
And spend of the substances which we have bestowed on you,before Death approaches any of you and lest you say : My Lord why did you not give me little respite for a little while? I should have given in charity…“.

Surah Tahrim ends with  a reminder: “Allah will not grant respite to any soul when the appointed time has come…

Many Muslims who are generously fast in harboring enthusiastic ambitions about doing  good to the society fail in taking  even the first step.

Many ideas remain in the garage of our minds because we did not bring them out, thinking of doing it later. Let us not award our own selves certificates of laziness and allow our ideas to get burred along with us.

5. Delay in  amending broken relations :
Ego stops us from being blessed by amending or rather initiating to amend broken ties with our Muslim brothers and sisters. Then we go to the dead body of the deceased and say: “Please  forgive whatever heard and spoken !

Is the dead person in the position to forgive you or embrace you or talk to you or reply you ?

Surah Room says NO !
Mark my words ! Your days are numbered!
Tonight you may die and it may be late!
And then you  can never change your fate…!!!

By Nisaar Nadiadwala
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