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08 November 2011

Poem: Freedom Fighters

We are the "freedom fighters"

No one can never stop us
even if they trying to harm us.
We will fights, day and nights, for our rights.
They can never make us fall apart
because we have a big heart.

Bring a freedom is our ambition,
don´t wait, follow our direction.
Do you wonder something,
ask many questions.
But don’t wait more plzz follow our direction,
tight your relation with this Muslims nation.

Don´t change the station,
were going closer to our section.
As i said they can never stop us,
they can never harm us
They can never make us fall apart,
because we have a big heart.

Stop me if u can
whether if you are a publican
However you never, gonna be apart of us
You can use the army, to fight us.
Still you will never get permission to touch us
Even if you forced us.

We, are freedom fighters
we are working for our righters.

I warn you, do not, all these crimes
because i know you are wasting your times
Don’t come over here and destroy the fun
because we are not touching the gun.

So Oh believers, whatever you do you have to pay the price
follow us if you want to get in to paradise

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