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10 October 2011

The Pure Water

Prophet Muhammad  said in a prophetic Hadith that the water is pure and nothing can impure it, is there any scientific study concerning that matter?

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: "water is pure, nothing can impure it" {narrated by Al- termezi and Al- nasaei}.

God be He blessed and exalted says: 

"and we send down pure water from the sky."[ Quran25: 48), 

also God says:

"And We send the winds fertilizing (to fill heavily the clouds with water), then cause the water (rain) to descend from the sky, and We give it to you to drink, and it is not you who are the owners of its stores"[Quran 15:22).

Ibn Kathir (Islamic scholar) says in explaining the meaning of (and it is not you who are the owners of its stores): it means that Allah almighty is the only one who descended and keep that water as springs in earth ,Glory to Allah!

Today, the scientists confirm that storing water underground purifies and sterilizes the water to be drinkable, Allah reminds us with that grace, and so will we thank Him for that?

It is a tremendous grace that Allah almighty had made great warehouses under the ground to store the pure water. What is the new thing concerning that matter?

The scientists were trying for many years to use many methods to purify the water on earth which is polluted by micro-organisms which cause many diseases, so they invented the water purification stations and different kinds of filters also they discovered different kinds of purification methods.    

The most amazing way to purifying the water was discovered by the microbiologist Dr Simon Toze who invented a very simple and cheap method to purify the water by storing it in the underground layers for couple of months. He says that this method is enough to kill all harmful kinds of micro-organisms which cause many diseases like: Polio, diarrhea diseases and different kind of serious viral diseases.

This method is called "geo purification method" as Allah allows the ground to absorb all kinds of bacteria, viruses, oils, fats, dirt and other contaminants.

The scientists were confused about this amazing technique as Dr. Simon says:

"We know the pollution goes, but we don't know how"

Also he says: "The success of that technique depends on many local variables -what sort of aquifers are available to store water, the conditions that exist underground, the types of microbes in the stored water, nutrient levels and what sort of microbes exist underground to cleanse the water"

One scientist asked a question: we know that water purifies everything, so how can we purify the water from impurities? After a long research they found that dust contains sterilizing materials which kill all kinds of germs, here we find that Allah almighty had exploited these materials which were deposited in the dust to be a magnificent and free way to purify the water, God says:

"And has subjected to you all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth; it is all as a favour and kindness from Him. Verily, in it are signs for a people who think deeply." [Quran 45:13]

The scientists say that without these characteristics in the dust, we wouldn’t be able to drink pure water. So God be He blessed and exalted says: "and we give it to you to drink, and it is not you who are the owners of its stores". 

A microscopic photo for dust grains, we can see spaces which make the dust able to store the water, also He almighty had supported it with sterilizing materials to kill all germs. Who made all of that? He is Allah who said:  "And it is not you who are the owners of its stores"

By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel
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