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20 September 2011

The miracle of guarding the Quran

This study confirms that Qur’an is the only book in the entire world transmitted to us as revealed since 14 centuries, contrary to other distorted books. Let’s read these certain realities …

We can say with entire certainty that the oldest book we have today with no change or modification is Qur’an, and there is no book in the world which versions are identical but Qur’an. However, is there any scientific proof to confirm this?

Qur’an copies are extraordinarily identical

If we do consider the numerous – thousand copies in the world- copies of Qur’an, we will notice that they are identical except some letters that do not change the meaning of the verse, but add other meanings. This is known as ‘’Qur’an variants’’ or Qur’an reading manners. The proof is that scientists and especially doubtful persons such as Orientalists haven’t found any Qur’an copy that opposes the current Qur’an.

This is confirmed by the noble verse:

"We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption)." [Quran 15:9]

Allah has promised to protect the Qur’an, so all copies must be identical, a thing that we can witness. Although big efforts used by doubtful and atheists, they could not find any proof to show that Qur’an is distorted. This is why they had recourse to fabricated hadiths, weak hadiths and incorrect stories in some exegesis books to prove their theory, but they failed to convince people that Qur’an is distorted.

The ‘’true furqan’’ witnesses the Qur’an truth!

We may have heard or some among us have read parts from a book substituting the Qur’an, they called it ‘’ the true furqan‘’. This attempt cost them millions in order to spread doubt amongst Muslims. Nevertheless, they failed, because this book on which writers used big efforts, couldn’t publish it although huge material means devoted and big support. He who considers this attempt will notice that it is full of mistakes and contradictions, they’d rather call it ‘’the true furqan joke’’ because it’s a funny book and no one can believe in it. This is a concrete proof that it is impossible to find a book like Qur’an. Allah the Almighty says:

"And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our  servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If  there are any) besides God, if your (doubts) are true. But if ye cannot- and of a surety ye cannot- then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones,- which is prepared for those who reject Faith." [Quran 2:23-24]. 

Glorified is Allah! Even these attempts against Qur’an serve it!

Qur’an is the only book to be learned by heart

The only book on earth to be learned by heart is Qur’an, tens of thousands from old, young and children learn it completely during their life without forgetting any word. Whereas, if we try to ask religious man from other religions, about a person among them that learns his entire book, the answer would immediately be negative! The astonishing matter is that no non-Muslim man can pretend learning his entire book, simply because he considers that this is not necessary, when Muslims consider that the best, greatest and the act that Allah loves the most is to learn Qur’an by heart.

There are thousand copies of Qur’an around the world, the astonishing thing is that they all are identical, except some words orthography, writing types or page size. The written words are all the same in all copies, the meaning also is the same, all this can witness that Qur’an is really kept by Allah the Almighty.

We may understand this verse from another new point: 

"We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption)" [Quran 15:9]

the word ‘’ guard’’ Means keep Qur’an in mind and lines, so it’s a protected book since it has been revealed until the last day. But what about the other book especially the Bible? What do specialists say about it? What are the latest researches on it?    

American researcher confirms that the present Bible can’t be revealed from Allah

Western scientists and many religious persons confirm now that the Bible is distorted, and has been modified during last centuries. A published BBC-report, some scientists and specialists in Old Testament declare that there are big differences between copies through time, and no copy is like another, but constant addition and distortion. David Parker manuscript expert says; we should take in consideration that the Bible is a live text in permanent change from generation to another in order to understand what people think about Allah (1).

Scientists try today to expose the manuscript found since 160 years to be available on the internet so that everyone can get it that is 'Codex Sinaiticus’. This later had been written 1500 years before, i.e.: before Islam. It contains information completely other than those in the new Bible. Hence, these several differences in Bible copies prove that it is not from Allah, so it is distorted, where as the original and correct Bible does not exist now. However, the only correct sacred book is the one we have ‘’Qur’an’’, so every confused or hesitant person must follow this ‘’Qur’an’’, because it is the real book.

The American theologian professor and New Testament Department Manager; Bart Ehrman says: (The Bible we now use can't be the inerrant word of God.)

Then says: (When people ask me if the Bible is the word of God I answer 'which Bible?)

Because we have thousands of manuscripts and no copy is like the other.  This professor of theology studies at South Carolina University (5), confirms in several times that he has been studying the Bible for more than 20 years, and he concluded that he doesn’t believe in it any more. Why? For a simple reason which is the present Bible contains lots of contradictions and differences!

Qur’an speaks about constant distortion of the Bible and the Torah

This researcher confirms what did confirm Qur’an 14 centuries ago, that the bible has been constantly distorted by different writers, a fact that has been mentioned in Qur’an. Let’s consider these verses that describe constants modification stages:

1. "and a group of them already were hearing the Speech of Allah; thereafter they perverted it even after they had considered it, while they knew (the Truth)." [Quran 2:75]

2. "(Some) of (the ones) who have Judaized pervert the Wordings from their (original) meanings (Literally: positions)." [Quran 4:46]

3. "But because of their breach of their covenant, We cursed them, and made their hearts grow hard; they change the words from their (right) places" [Quran 5:13)

4. "perverting the Wordings from their original meanings (Literally: even after their positions)" [Quran 5:41]

Let’s consider the word ‘’ pervert’’ always in the present tense, which means the continuity, and Allah the Almighty wants to prove that the distortion is permanent. If, as they pretend, the Prophet wanted to look for celebrity or money, he would have accepted the Jews and Christians writings in order to be with him. But, this Qur’an is from the Lord of the universe, also, the Torah is the word of Allah but it has been distorted. Allah sent us this illiterate prophet who transmitted to us this Qur’an as it has been revealed, and it is preserved, by Allah’s power, till now.

Researches adopt the Qur’an rule to discover the distortion

David Parker in his new manuscript outcome: Others may take it as more evidence that the Bible is the word of man, not God.

Hence, researchers follow a very important rule to prove the distortion through contradictions and differences, a rule that has been set 14 centuries before by Qur’an. Here      Allah the Almighty says about His Book:  

"And if it had been from (any where) other than the Providence of Allah, indeed they would have found in it many difference (s)." [Quran 4::82]

So, the divine book must be with no mistake, no contradiction, but the distorted one is full of contradictions, which is the case of Torah nowadays.

Ehrman says that it’s very clear that the Bible is the word of man, it’s full of contradictions and mistakes, many persons participated to write it, it has been modified; many things have been deleted and added. Everyone puts his own point of view, so we find no divine text. This is why I don’t believe in this book any more. Indeed, if there is a god in this universe, it wouldn’t be the one mentioned in the Bible!! (3).

Look how do they take in consideration the Qur’an base to know the origin of any book:  indeed they would have found in it many difference (s). It means that contradiction is a human characteristic, a concrete proof that the bible we have today is distorted. Whereas, we find that all Qur’an copies are identical, this proves that it hasn’t been distorted.

The oldest Bible copy has recently been found in a monastery in Sina desert. It has been protected till now thanks to the appropriate climate of the desert that is not very humid. Researchers confirm that this copy is very different from the current Bible. This difference is a concrete proof that Qur’an is true!! Actually, Allah gave us a mean to measure any book truth. The Almighty says: 

"Will they not then contemplate the Qur’an? And if it had been from (any where) other than the Providence of Allah, indeed they would have found in it many difference (s)." [Quran 4: 82]

NB: pay attention to the print on this page that may mean that the person who wrote this copy wanted to leave a proof that he is that writer through this print on the book!

West researchers ask: who distorted the Torah?

Professor Ehrman, writer of more than twenty books, the most famous writer in Newyork Times says: when we ask about the Bible we expect one answer, but the Bible is different from the other books, so it gives us contradictory answers. The reason is that the persons that wrote the Torah and the Gospel are different. The Bible is full of suffering like Jacob story full of human words, and suffering is a human nature. If Allah is strong why does He narrate pain stories?

In his new book, Ehrman ask: who modified the Bible? And why? He confirms in the book chapter that the new Torah has been written with mistakes and changes made purposely by their writers. This researcher wrote a lot about the lost Bible, who hid it and why?

In every verse, a divine character is witnessed

He who studies and contemplates the Qur’an verses, notices that it is a divine book. Each verse witnesses that it is from Allah the Almighty. Here are some examples:

1. The most beautiful names witness the truth of Qur’an: Allah the Almighty is the Strong one, the Exalted in Might, the most Merciful, the Supreme and Irresistible, the one that forgives again and again, the Sovereign, the Holy One, the Exalted in Might… To prove that this Book is from Allah, it must tell us about these characters. The name of Allah is repeated 2699 times, this word is the most repeated in the Qur’an!! Look to this divine text:

‘’He is Allah, (other than Whom) there is no god except He. He is The King, The Superb Holy, The Peace, (i.e., The Giver of Peace) The Supreme Believer, (i.e., The Giver of Belief) The Supremely Hegemonic, The Ever-Mighty, The Superb Potentate, The Supremely Proud. (i.e., The Justly Proud) All Extolment be to Allah above whatever they associate (with Him)."[Qurn 59 :23]

Can people say something so?

2. Logically speaking, to accept any book as revealed from Allah, it must be coherent itself, not contradictory. Qur’an has this character, we find no contradiction, yet if we ask about it we find one answer not several as in the other books that are distorted.

3.The divine book must be totally correct in terms of scientific facts. Qur’an has this character that we can’t find in other books. The scientific proof is all theses writings confirming that the Books of other religions are in contradiction with the new science, full of legends. Whereas, the Qur’an is full of scientific facts that conform to new science and this is a proof on Qur’an truth.

4.The Qur’an story witness the truth of Qur’an: if we consider the Qur’an stories, we find that this Book is from Allah and not from a man narrating his suffering, pains and problems as in other distorted books! In Moses story Allah the Almighty speaks to His prophet after that the magicians threw, they bewitched the eyes of the people:

"We said (to Musa), “Do not fear (anything); surely you (yourself) are the most exalted" [Quran 20:68]

Look to the word ‘’ We said", such a style is not to be found in any other book. Qur’an is full of such word which proves that it is the word of Allah and not of a man narrating a story as he sees and lives!

5.A divine book must clearly and simply answer all questions. Qur’an does so, we’re never confused with it, as it explains everything, it gives us details about everything whether it’s about past, present or future. When all the books fail giving information about death moment, Qur’an precisely describes it. Let’s consider this situation of any unfair:

"And if you could see, as the unjust (people) are in the perplexities of death and the Angels are stretching out their hands. “Get yourselves out! Today you are recompensed with the torment of degradation for what you were saying against Allah other than the truth, and you used to wax proud against His signs." [Quran6 :93]

In which book can we find such accurate description of death moment?!

6.No book in all the world can convince its followers that it is from Allah except Qur’an! If we ask followers of any religion if they’re convinced that their book is from Allah, we will find that most of them are not, especially researchers among them. For instance, the researcher Ehrman confirms it in his book (8), and thousands other researchers believe that the Bible is a human book. Whereas if we ask any Muslim in the world, he will surly say that he believes that Qur’an is Allah’s Book, and that each word in it is from Allah. This is the case with more than thousand million Muslims except some that are accustomed to imitate the west in everything.

The First compiled Quran - The work on compilation of Quran was started in Hazrat Abu Bakr's (RU) Caliphate and the first compiled Quran in the handwriting of Hazrat Osman (RU) is preserved even today and is available for public viewing in Hast Imam locality, Old Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Central Asia.

Dears, I would say: it would be better to do such scientific studies to prove the Noble Qur’an origin; we will certainly wonder the world if we confirm its truth by scientific fact language, because it’s the only understood language by the west. This language is the only mean to convince the west by the truth of Islam message and correct their point of view about our Prophet peace be upon Him.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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