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15 July 2011

Have you ever Wondered Why?


1. Why the Americans are so successful?
2. Why Israel is so successful?
3. Why England is so successful?
4. Why they are so advanced?
5. What do they have and know that we don't?
6. What do we have that they don't?
7. What do they and us both know?
8. Then why have we failed so far so terribly?
9. How can we counter this evil force that is the western powers and ultimately win to establish deen-ul-islaam?


Assalamu'alaykum warahmathullaahi wabarakaathuhu Let me give you a very brief answer to this. I will try to keep it as brief as possible because in reality the answer would have to be quite long. 

First, second and third paragraphs carry answers to questions from 1-5.

Firstly, they have wealth, and in this world which is based on material things wealth counts a lot. I should also point out that by wealth I do not only mean monetary wealth, I also mean intellectual, population, geographical and many more... They control "everything" as they do mainly because of the wealth at their disposal and they spend it in a way that they have total control over everything. A simple example is the 9/11 attacks on World Trade Center, which has been Pre-planned since it was built!, And they were able to carry it out and blame it on some innocent (i'd presume Osman bin laden as innocent until proven guilty in a proper and fair court of law) person. With this wealth they also control most if not all of the mass media which in turn "hypnotize" ordinary citizens of this world to believe anything they show and tell. If you analyze the news broadcasts and other programs and entertainment, etc... All of these are made in such a way to gain control of the ordinary citizen, a case of mass hypnosis and they have succeeded.

Secondly, they use whatever resources at their disposal very wisely and do much needed research on those resources and using those resources. They are the best researchers of the holy Quran and any surviving parts of any other scriptures. Their scientific and medical advances can be mostly attributed to the research they do on "authentic" scriptures of old. There is much to uncover from the holy Quran and other scriptures that Allah swt sent down to earth and they know this fact well and act on it wisely unlike us muslims who gifted with such a miraculous book do not make maximum use but that again this is the work of Allah swt. There is much to learn and uncover from the holy Quran and when this reaches a certain level Allah swt will take revenge against those people who use his words to plunder and terrorize innocent humans that is the western powers. So what they have that we don't is in fact the eagerness to learn more and take maximum out the scriptures that Allah swt has sent to earth.

Thirdly, they are united. They speak with one voice. They express one desire. They have a united vision. They work together. They know together they are strong. This is the same reason why they created so many wars to disunite others and especially Muslims. Even now they are occupying Muslim land to use its resources ( A good example is Blood for Oil campaign) and also disunite the Muslims in those lands. They sow the seed of disunity (They simply call it Divide and Rule policy) and reap the harvest for their benefit and ultimate goals.

So what do we have that they don't! Is such a simple answer: we are blessed with the holy Quran & Sunnah,our ulamaa have the capability and know how to extract all the knowledge from therein with the help of Allah swt. And we also have the support and help of Allah swt. 

What do we all know!Another very simple answer: we all (they too know this very well and maybe more than we do) know that the mu'mineen will go to heaven and mushrikeen will go to hell. But they are so proud and uptight that they do not want to and never will follow or accept Islam although they do know that this is the true and final revelation from the one true creator. Instead they try to fight Allah swt! A fight they don't have any knowledge of it.

But it seems they are winning the fight and we are have been and still are failing for several reasons. 

A. Allah swt is testing us and our resolve

B. Allah swt is testing them and their greed

C. We are not united

D. We have lost our ways, the ways shown in the holy Quran and by our holy prophet muhammad saw and his companions, the sahaabah

E. In the name of "compromise" and "live let live" and "not hurting others" we have hurt our faith way too much

F. Our earnings have been mixed with haraam and ribaa. How many of us think about this seriously! We only think about making money and not how we made that money!

G. Our food has been contaminated with haram. How many of us eat in places that  also serves food that is haram!And the excuse is, we ate only the fish! What, what if the chef or the waiter or the quest before you used the serving spoon on pork and put it into the fish dish! How do you know if all the ingredients used in the preparation of the fish you ate was halaal! How many of us check the ingredients of the chocolates and other sweets and whatever else we buy from the store! Yes, i can hear some of you saying, this guy is an idiot, if we do the way he tells then we can't eat anything! Ha ha ha, did the prophets not live without the things that we have today! Can we not live without things that are haraam? Asthaghfirullaahil aleem....my dear brother and sisters, please think about what i am saying deeply. Don't get angry. I thought like what you are thinking only a few weeks back. And now i am thinking the way i am thinking now and "earlier" i thought it would be so so difficult but believe me it is so so so so easy. And i have the help of Allah swt with me at all times. Please think well before you eat in restaurants, make sure you eat only halaal. Make sure you give only halaal food for your children, remember the food that you eat makes your blood cells and main red blood cells have a lifespan of about 100 to 120 days, so if you eat haraam, your body will carry it for at least 100days! Did you ever consider this when you said, it’s just a piece of chocolate, what harm will it bring?

H. Some of us take spouses (husbands and wives - both not just the woman as most of you would think) who are not worthy and who may be leading us in the wrong path and we are not taking any action about it. Some of us men make our wives do haraam things and vice versa

I. We are on the verge or already have made alcohol halaal! - most fizzy drinks especially coke and such cola drinks contain minute quantities of alcohol. Although this alcohol content is low it will not make us intoxicated, nonetheless what is said haraam in the Quran is haraam in whatever quantity there maybe. Some of us seem to think and feel that how the hell can we not drink coke or some of the other foods that may well be haraam or would better be avoided! Can we not eat without coke? Can't we make this small sacrifice for the good of our souls?

J. We eat and drink things that maybe harmful to our body do things that maybe harmful to our soul. Our body and soul are "amaanah" (trust for safekeeping) from Allah swt. We can not and must not do things that will injure or damage our bodies because then we will be breaking this trust.

K. We are on the verge or already made zinaa halaal! Yes my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, it is very true and most of you know of this. Zinaa is not just when a person does fornication or adultery, zinaa is also when we look at other people do such things directly or on TV; again you might be saying right now, this idiot is telling us not to watch TV, yes I'm, and we can live without TV, there are other sources for the news, so TV is not a neccessity, unless of course you think watching your favorite tele serial/mega serial is a neccessity for your survial? It is a laughable joke. Anyways most if not all of the news in the TV is a creation of the western media and those creations are nothing but a guidance to leave the straight path i.e. Al-Islam. Zinaa is also when we think such bad thoughts, Zinaa is also the music that we listen to nowadays, Zinaa is also in the cartoons that our kids watch nowadays, Most of you also know the how simple fornication and adultery has now become, Would I be wrong if I say its like Take away from a fast food restaurant? The followers of materialistic world, the western powers, have made fornicating and adultery such an easy task with their scientific developments. How many of us have facebook accounts and how much zinaa is being done in facebook? How many of our kids are doing zinaa in Faceook and chat rooms and the likes. How many husbands and wives are doing zinaa this way! How can we say we can not avoid this? 

L. We have made halaal ribaa! Yes, we have. Some communities amongst muslims have prohibited the word ribaa being spoken about because the are actively involved in ribaa. They have ordered the mosques in their mahallaa not to speak about or to bayaan on this topic. Doesn't this mean they have made it halaal! Can we not avoid this?

M. We do not maintain hijaab. Please be kind enough to read an article by brother nisaar y nadiawala at Are You Observing Hijab or Merely Wearing a Burkha? This is a very beautiful article with regard to observing hijaab. Hijaab has to be observed by both men and women. There is no such thing as only women have to observe hijaab!I am not telling men have to wear the “burqhaa” but maintain hijaab in the sense their awrah should be well covered and they should lower their gaze in the presence of non-maharram women. For women observing hijaab does not only mean merely wearing the burqhaa, but also maintaining silence in presence of non-maharram men, talking in slow tone, not wearing showy burqhaa, not looking at men just because men can’t look at you, lowering the gaze in the presence of non-maharram men, and so many other etiquette. How many of us, men and women, are observing the hijaab “properly”? How many of us are doing so many wrong using the fact that we are wearing the hijaab? Do we think about this! This is not something to be taken lightly.

N. I think I have made it longer than I promised, so since not keeping the word that one gave is also missing amongst us, I will stop my list of the things that went wrong with this.

So what is the solution for all of this:

The solution is very very simple. We simply need to do the following things to defeat Army of Evil:

1. Unite as the ummah of final prophet, muhammed saw
2. Rethink, re-evaluate and understand about islaam properly. Get advice from ulamaa
3. Start making the worngs right
4. Start making decisions now now now to make things right
5. Read and understand the Quran more and more
6. Learn more of the sunnah of our beloved prophet muhammad saw and his sahaabah
7. Observe the basic principles of islaam
8. Observe the hijaab properly
9. Refrain from any haraam thing, whether it is big or small
10. Respect everyone and learn about other religions so that we can give them da’wah by talking to them about the common things found in all our religions thereby showing that all religions were sent by one creator who sent the Quran and islaam as the ultimate complete truth for all of huimanity
11. Establsih khilaafah and bring the proper shari’ah law, the law sent down by none other than Allah swt,  to the forefront for the benefit of all of mankind
12. Again i do not want to make a huge list, so i shall stop. I think the basics of all of what we have to do is in above points. If at all i have made any mistakes please forgive me and do feel free to criticize and correct me where i have gone wrong.

I sincerely pray and hope that khilaafah becomes a reality soon. This will be the only salvation. All khilaafah movements the world over should unite and form one movement – the start of a united ummaah. Dear brothers and sisters in islaam, let us all join and unite to establish khilaafah. Let us put our petty differences aside. Let us work for the betterment of the ummaah as a whole and not be selfish. Let us unite. United we can do anything. And united Allah swt will deifinitely help us.

Walaykum'Salaam warahmathullaahi wabarakaathuhu

An Article by Mohamed Riza | Facebook 
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