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26 June 2011

10 sicknesses in heart

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most compassionate

Ten sicknesses of the heart:

1.you believe in the existence of Allah Ta’ala, but you dont fulfill His commands.
2.you say you love the Holy Prophet Muhammed(p.b.u.h), but you don not follow his sunnah.
3.you read the Quran but you don not put it into practice.
4.You enjoy the benefits from Allah Ta’ala, but you are not grateful to him.
5.You acknowledge Shaytan as your enemy but you do not go against HIm.
6.You want to enter paradise but you dont work for it
7.You dont want to be thrown into hell-fire, but you do not try to get away(i.e. do good deeds).
8.You believe that every living-thing will face death, but you do not prepare for it.
9.You gossip and find faults in others, but you forget your own faults and mistakes.
10.You bury the dead, but you don not take a lesson from it.

Say, “Allah knows whatever lies in your hearts, whether you hide it or make it known (to others). He knows everything in the heavens and on earth. Allah has power (and complete control) over all things!” [Quran 3:29]

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