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26 April 2011

The List of DEAD GODS

Throughout the ages there have been anonymous claims of deities, Humans claim themselves to be gods!

Who is a human? A human is technically understood to survive with Food,Water, Air and other lively hoods, without these supportive life materials; a human cannot survive.

Who is "THE GOD"? according to Quran, God is been defined under these criteria in chapter 112

  " Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! 
   Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; 
  He begetteth not nor is He begotten. 
  And there is none like unto Him."

A simple four line definition is been given by God himself; and non in the universe can fit in this definition.

But yet there are humans beings who use to eat, drink and defecate; were worshiped as gods and some claim themselves to be gods and the funniest part is that these mortal gods gain some charmed followers in their magics.

Now lets move into some of mortal gods throughout  the history, i have categorized this article into three main sections

01-Ancient human gods
02-Modern day human gods
03-Human gods yet to die

Let's travel through the timeline of the human gods, we begin with...

Ancient human gods

01. The Pharaohs

3050 – 30 BC
Egyptian pharaohs were kings of Ancient Egypt, and were considered by their culture to be gods. Their titles equated them with aspects of the likes of the hawk god Horus, the vulture goddess Nekhbet and the cobra-goddess Wadjet. The Egyptians believed that when their Pharaoh had died, he would continue to lead them in the next life, which is why his burial was grand and completed to perfection, to please him in the next life and ensure his immortality to protect his people. See List of pharaohs. 

Read more about The Miracle of Firown (Pharaoh) in the Quran

2600 BC
Ancient Egyptian architect and physician, who two thousand years after his death, was raised to that of a god, becoming the god of medicine and healing.


2255–2119 BC
The first Mesopotamian king to claim divinity

04-Queen Dido of Carthage

814 BC
Founder and first queen of Carthage, after her death, she was deified by her people with the name of Tanit and assimilated to the Great Goddess Astarte (Roman Juno).[6] The cult of Tanit survived Carthage's destruction by the Romans; it was introduced to Rome itself by Emperor Septimius Severus, himself born in North Africa. It was extinguished completely with the Theodosian decrees of the late 4th century.

05-Homer (hero cult)

8th century BC
Venerated at Alexandria by Ptolemy IV Philopator

06-Romulus and Remus (hero cult)

771–717 BC

Founders of Rome, sons of Mars, Romulus served as first king. After his death, Romulus was defined as the god,Quirinus, the divine persona of the Roman people. He is now regarded as a mythological figure, and his name aback-formation from the name Rome, which may ultimately derive from a word for "river". Some scholars, notablyAndrea Carandini believe in the historicity of Romulus, in part because of the 1988 discovery of the Murus Romulion the north slope of the Palatine Hill in Rome.

07-Japanese Emperors

660 BC –
Claimed, at least by some Shintoists, including government officials, to be divine descendants of the goddessAmaterasu. Hirohito, the Showa emperor, repudiated this "false conception" in the Ningen-sengen in 1945.

08-Gautama Buddha

563 BC(?)

Believed to be a god by some Mahayana sects, and worshipped as an avatar of Vishnu by some Vaishnavas.

Note: In Buddhist scriptures, Buddha has never claimed divinity; and he neither said "there is a God" nor "there isn't a God."  


356–324 BC
Deified by Alexander the Great

10-Alexander III of Macedon the Great (hero cult)

356–323 BC

Some believe he implied he was a demigod by actively using the title "Son of Ammon–Zeus". The title was bestowed upon him by Egyptian priests of the god Ammon at the Oracle of the god at the Siwah oasis in theLibyan Desert.[8]

11-Antiochus II Theos

286–246 BC
Seleucid ruler. The younger son of Antiochus I and Stratonice, succeeded his father in 261. He liberated Ephesus, Ionia, Cilicia and Pamphylia from Egyptian domination, and in return for their autonomy the cities of Asia Minor gave him the title Theos ("God").

12-Antiochus IV Epiphanes

215–164 BC
Seleucid ruler (reigned 175-164); the only Seleucid king to claim divine honors, calling himself Theos Epiphaneus "God Manifest" and Nikephoros "Bringer of Victory." Nearly conquered Ptolemaic Egypt, the primary rival of the Seleucids among the Diadochi states. Famously attempted to impose ancient Greek religion on the Jews by persecution, leading to the Maccabean Revolt; remembered as a major persecutor in Jewish tradition.

13-Chinese Emperors

221 BC – AD 1911
Deified as "Son of Heaven" since the Qin Dynasty under Qin Shi Huang

14-Jesus Christ

~4 BC – ~33 AD
In Romans 1 St. Paul the Apostle of Tarsus described Jesus as being the Son of God and the Lord. BishopAthanasius of Alexandria wrote in defence of the divinity of the Holy Spirit, orthodox Christianity adopted his teachings at the First Council of Nicaea in a Synod assembly of bishops in 325 AD called by the Roman emperorConstantine I the Great.

The Nicene Creed was formulated rejecting Arianism (one of two major strains of Christian thought) and establishedAthanasianism (Trinitarianism, the other strain) as "official doctrine."

Jesus was declared to be God Incarnate, and is now considered to be God in most Christian views of Jesus, God the Son in Trinitarian Christianity. See History of early Christianity, Constantine the Great and Christianity andChristology for details.

Note: Islam says Jesus the son of Mary is only a messenger of God and a human being - Read more Click here

15-Roman Emperors

42 BC – AD 363
Following Julius Caesar who in 42 BC was formally deified as "the Divine Julius" (Divus Iulius), and Caesar Augustus henceforth became Divi filius ("Son of the Divine One"), some (not all) Roman Emperors of the 1st to 4th centuries claimed divinity, including Tiberius 14–37, Caligula 37–41, Claudius 41–54, Hadrian 117–138, Commodus161–192, Constantine I 306–312, Julian the Apostate 361–363

16-Simon Magus

1st century
Considered a god in Simonianism. According to Justin Martyr: "There was a Samaritan, Simon, a native of the village called Gitto, who in the reign of Claudius Caesar, and in your royal city of Rome, did mighty acts of magic, by virtue of the art of the devils operating in him. He was considered a god, ..."

1st century
Germanic prophetess considered a deity during her lifetime.

Deified by Hadrian. He is the last non-Imperial human to be formally deified in Western Civilization.

07-Guan Yu
Guan Yu has been deified as early as the Sui Dynasty and is still popularly worshipped today among the Chinese people variedly as an indigenous Chinese deity, a bodhisattva in Buddhism and a guardian deity in Taoism. He is also held in high esteem in Confucianism. In Hong Kong both police and gangsters consider him to be a divine object of reverence. In certain schools of Taoism and Chinese Buddhism he has been deemed divine or semi-divine status. The reverence for him may date back to the Sui dynasty.

06-Natchez rulers

The Natchez were a theocracy ruled by "The Great Sun." This ruler has sometimes been deemed a God-king.

07-The Sailendras

The Sailendra dynasty of Java were active promoters of Mahayana Buddhism and covered the plains of Central Javawith Buddhist monuments, including the world famous Borobudur.

08-Sugawara no Michizane

Japanese Imperial courtier banished from the capital and deified upon his death to appease his angry spirit. Worshipped as Tenjin, kami of scholarship.

09-Majapahit Kings

Javanese rulers of South East Asia's largest ever kingdom, in Indonesia. After death, they were depicted as Hindu gods (see for instance Raden Wijaya).

08- Dalai Lamas

Considered re-incarnations of Avalokiteśvara in Tibetan Buddhism. Panchen Lamas are incarnations of Amitabha Buddha.

09-Inca Emperors

The Inca Emperors had a status very similar to that of the Pharaohs of Egypt.

17-Hernán Cortés

Identified as Quetzalcoatl by Moctezuma II

1500 years have past, and now lets continue with...

Modern day human gods

18-Ismail I of Persia

Considered an emanation of God by the Safaviya order.

19-Danila Filippovich

He believed that he was God and started the Khlysts. (There are various transliterations of his name including Danila Filipov, Danila Filipich, and Daniil Filippovich)

20-George Washington
Worshiped as a kami in Hawaiian Shinto shrines. In the United States Capitol dome, he is also depicted ascending into Heaven and becoming a god, in the famous painting called The Apotheosis of Washington.

21-Nepalese monarchs
Although Nepal was the birthplace of the Buddha, the kings of the Shah dynasty were held to be incarnations of Vishnu.

22-Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia

Among most followers of the Rastafari movement, Haile Selassie is seen as God incarnate, the Black Messiah and "Earth's Rightful Ruler" who will also lead African peoples to freedom. Rastas say that his royal titles (i.e. King of Kings, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and Root of David) were prophesied as belonging to the returned Messiah in Revelation 5:5. Their faith in his divinity first appeared in Jamaica, soon after his 1930 coronation inAddis Ababa.Before his coronation he was called Ras (meaning Prince) Tafari.

23-Hong Xiuquan

Chinese man who claimed to be the younger brother of Jesus and thus a son of God. Led the Taiping Rebellion, conquering a large part of China before defeat and suicide.

24-Jiddu Krishnamurti

Renounced the status of messiah and Maitreya incarnation given him by the Theosophical Society.

25-L. L. Zamenhof

Considered a god by members of the Oomoto religion.

26-Jose Rizal

Deified by some people in the Philippines due to his contributions to the Philippine Revolution.

27-Father Divine
Was considered by his followers to be "God in the flesh"

28-Kanichi Otsuka

Shinreikyo states of its founder "God became one with a human body, appeared among humanity, and founded Shinreikyo."

29-Juanita Peraza (Mita)

According to the Mita faith, Mita (Peraza) was the incarnation of the Holy Ghost on earth.

30-Lou de Palingboer

A divorced Dutchman named Louwrens Voorthuijzen who proclaimed himself "Lou the Eel Vendor", this being the translation of his proclaimed name "Lou de Palingboer". He was a figure who mixed marketing European eels with proselytism. His followers also considered him a living God on a mission against evil

31-Jim Jones

Founder of Peoples Temple, which started off as an offshoot of a mainstream protestant sect before becoming apersonality cult as time went on.

32-Yahweh ben Yahweh

He was born as Hulon Mitchell, Jr. and his self-proclaimed name means "God, Son of God." He could have only been deeming himself to be "son of God", not God, but many of his followers clearly deem him to be God Incarnate.

33-Nirmala Srivastava

Guru and goddess of Sahaja Yoga, has proclaimed herself to be the incarnation of the Holy Ghost (Adi Shakti), claimed that all other incarnations (e.g. Krishna, Christ, etc.) were aspects of her.


These are little girls who are worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists as the incarnation of the Hindu GoddessDurga (in Nepal, Taleju). They are picked when they are prepubescent. and are worshipped until they reachpuberty. Their cult is in South Asian countries, such as Nepal. See Kumari (children)

35-Sathya Sai Baba
Hindu guru believed to be a reincarnation of an avatar of Dattatreya by his followers. He claims that he had the ability to materialize objects, such as jewellery, etc.

gods seems to be appearing even in the 20th century,

Human gods yet to die

36-Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, Duke of Edinburgh

Considered a god in the village of Yaohnanen, a cargo cult in Vanuatu. See Prince Philip Movement.

37-Jehovah Wanyonyi

1924– Awaiting
"I am the one who created Adam and Eve. I made their bodies and their blood", […] "I still use human beings by speaking through them, like I spoke through Jesus Christ until he went to Heaven." There are between 120 and a 1000 followers who consider him God.

38-Matayoshi Jesus
In 1997 he established the World Economic Community Party (世界経済共同体党) based on his conviction that he is the God and Christ.

39-Claude Vorilhon

Claims to be Maitreya, messenger of the "Elohim" (who are in fact ancient astronauts)



Claims to be Jesus Christ returned, which makes him not "God" but the "word of God"

These are just few of many who claimed to be gods themselves, these people actually did nothing but relied in GOD's creations to live their day to day lives just like us.




I was impressed  with this email wrote to us by one of our regular visitors of KHILAFAT website, i decided to add his email here for the visitors's view.

The "Creator" is one and only one, so first of all the usage of the word "god" becomes inadmissible because, this word in itself is so so imperfect that it cannot and should be used to describe or address the creator who is "the most perfect". Imperfections abound this word, for example the word is dynamic and can be changed into goddess, and plural gods which is IMPOSSIBLE if the least because the "true" Creator is only ONE, there simply can't be more than one Creator. Now we come to the so called "god men", who say they are "god", first of all the definition of "Allah" (I use the arabic word Allah to address the True God because this word is unique just the way that the Creator should be), is omnipotent as is never born, never dies, unique, perfect, merciful, bountiful, sustainer, etc, etc, etc. SO HOW CAN "god" be born, whereas these "god men" are born, how can "god" get ill whereas "god men" do get ill, how can "god" have animalistic lowly feelings that humans do whereas god men do, how can "god" bleed whereas "god men" do!!!!??? IF IF IF Allah wanted to know what humans feel or what humans are going through why would he want to become one, Asthaghfirullahil-Aleem (I mean no blasphemy but just make a point) because He created us and would not the Creator know about the created!!!??? Would He not know every thing we have done, doing and going to do!!!??? IF He did not know these things He would not be Allah, Asthaghfirullahil-Aleem (I mean no blasphemy but just make a point). So there is no way, Allah would be born as a human, Asthaghfirullahil-Aleem (I mean no blasphemy but just make a point), and Jesus never said he was Allah, he always preached to the people to pray to Allah and not to him. When Jesus said "father" he did not mean the physical father but the "father" of creation as a whole, the one who creates is the father and the one who is created is the child!!! What Jesus meant by "father" was Allah and nothing else. A friend of my who is/was a follower of a recently deceased "god man" himself is telling me, "It is strange, I never thought "he" would just "DIE", I thought "he" would vanish into thin air or vaporise, but "he" died like a normal human being." DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, thats because "he" and all those other dead "god men" and all those "god men" who are living at present and who will die and all those "god men" who are yet to "come" are mere mortals and nothing else.
 by  Mohamed Riza || Facebook 
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