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02 March 2011

Ablution (Wuthu) and Science

It has been proven by scientific experiments that vegetation; minerals, animals and humans are all set upon an electric system. This electric system keeps them functioning. The electricity from a human body is enough to power a torch or a pocket radio. It has been proven by research that when a fly sits on the leaf of a tree and produces movement in the leaf’s veins, an electric current starts flowing through the leaf. 

Aristotle once explained that a torpedo fish could shock a human with its electric energy. To obtain its food it hides beneath the sand and when fish come near, it makes them fall unconscious with its electric current. 

There is an incident that occurred in 1885 in Edinburgh relating to a black boy from whom an electric current could be felt by simply touching him with the finger. This boy was brought to much attention and experimented upon. Doctor Johnson kept this boy with him as a worker and at the same time experimented on him. He observed that by touching the body near the head, especially the tongue, a much stronger electric shock was felt. Doctor Aston and many other electricians investigated upon this boy but all were left open-mouthed and astonished. Doctor A.W. Milton, a famous African traveler, related that once his friends and him in anger started beating up an African boy and found that wherever they would whip the boy, an electric spark was produced. It has also been proven that by piercing the human body with a needle and by immersing the human body within hot or cold water a small electric current is produced. The sensations of a soft sound, light, taste and smell, all produce electricity within the human body. 

It is a miraculous feature of nature that it keeps producing electricity within the human body, which after flowing through the whole body, is earthed to the ground through the feet. 

To perform ablution is a requirement for Prayer. The reason being that when a person makes an intention to perform ablution, the usual route of the flow of lights within the body is changed. During ablution electric sparks are produced from the human organs. This action provides the human organs with strength, nourishment and energy. 

It is the statement of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.):
Washing the Hands 

When we wash our hands when performing ablution, rays emerge from our fingertips to form a kind of circle, which results in an increased speed in the flow of the electric current within the body, and to an extent an electric current gathers in the hands. By performing ablution properly, such flexibility is produced in the finger that activates one's talent to transfer the creative abilities present within one onto paper or canvas i.e. artistic abilities. 

Rinsing the Mouth 

After washing the hands we rinse the mouth. By rinsing the mouth we attain hygiene of the mouth, which leads to prevention of tooth diseases. The roots of the teeth become stronger and the teeth become whiter and shinier. The sense of taste becomes stronger and one remains safeguarded against tonsillitis. 

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) has advised us to use a tooth stick (misvak) to clean the mouth. He declared:

‘The misvak cleans the mouth and improves the eyesight. It also produces fluency within one’ 

Putting Water into the Nose 

After rinsing the mouth we put water into the nose. The nose is a crucial part of the human body. The most remarkable ability of the nose is that it produces depth and pleasantness in the voice. Try speaking whilst pressing the nostrils with your fingers. You will feel the difference. The curtains in the nose play a very special role in the beauty of the voice. They also help gather light in the head. One particular duty of the nose is its involvement with cleaning. It makes the air clean, moist, warm and well balanced for the lungs to take in. In every human approximately five hundred cubic feet of air enters through the nose daily. A whole large-sized room could be filled with this large quantity of air. In the season of snow you can go skiing on a dry frosty day but the lungs will resist taking in the dry air. They are not ready to accept even a little gasp of it. Even at that time they need that air which is found in a warm and moist atmosphere. They require air with eighty percent moisture and of a temperature of at least ninety degrees Fahrenheit. 

The lungs demand air that is free from germs, smoke, dust and pollution. A simple air-filter required to supply such clean air would be approximately the size of a small suitcase whereas the system of nature within the nose is so small and integrated that the nose is only a few inches long. 

To make the air moist the nose produces approximately a quarter of a gallon of moisture daily. For cleaning and other difficult tasks the hairs of the nostrils come in use. There is a microscopic brush inside the nose. There are invisible fibers on this brush that kill the harmful germs passing into the stomach through the air. Apart from catching these germs instinctively these invisible fibers also have another method of defense called Lysozium. Using this defensive method the nose prevents the eyes from infection. 

When a person performing ablution puts water into the nose the electric current functioning in the water increases the efficiency of the invisible fibers, which in return safeguard the human body from many complicated diseases. 

Washing the Face 

The hidden wisdom in washing the face is that the tissues of the skin gain elasticity, the skin becomes soft and fine. The closed pores caused by dirt and pollution are opened. The face becomes attractive and radiant. If the blood circulation is too slow or too fast, it is brought back into balance. When the water enters the eyes whilst washing the face it strengthens the eye muscles. The whiteness of the eyeball is increased and the pupil becomes shiny. The one who regularly performs ablution has attractive and beautiful eyes. Wiping the hands over the face with water three times provides the mind with peace. 

Washing the Hands up to the Elbow 

Washing the hands up to the elbows has the hidden benefit that this action establishes a direct connection between one and the stored lights within the chest. A flow is established in the stock of lights. This action strengthens and provides energy to the tissues of the hands and arms. 

Performing Masah 

The hairs on the head act as antennae within the human body, every conscious person acknowledges that ‘human’ is the name given to a store of information. Until one does not receive the information concerning an action he cannot perform that action. We only eat when we are hungry and we only drink water when we feel thirsty, we only lie in bed to sleep once we receive the information that our body now needs to rest. We only feel happiness when we receive any information concerning happiness. Similarly, the feeling of anger or annoyance is reliant upon receiving the information concerning anger or annoyance. 

When we make intention to perform ablution it actually makes us attentive towards the fact that we are performing this action for  Allah. By the time we have fulfilled the fundamentals of ablution and have reached the stage of performing Masah our minds are attentive towards Allah and away from all else. When we wipe our hands over our head the hairs on our head acting as antennae receive all information which is contrary to all kinds of impurity, grief and those things which distance us from Allah. Our mind only accepts that information which is directly related to Allah and helps us get closer to Him. 

Masah of the Neck 

Spiritualists have divided the human body into six parts. One part is the jugular vein. The words of Allah are that ‘I am closer to you than your jugular vein (vein of life)’. This vein of life is situated between the head and neck. By wiping the neck with water (performing Masah) our body attains a particular kind of energy that is linked to the spinal cord (within the backbone) and human joints. When a person performs Masah, an electric current after entering through the hands gets stored in the jugular vein and after traveling through the backbone spreads to the nervous system of the whole body. Through this method the nervous system obtains energy. 

Masah / Washing of the Feet 

As we have already stated, the brain receives information and this information is then transferred through waves to the various organs of the body. Every wave of information has an existence. By existence we mean that it stays in motion. The law is that whether it is light or water, the flow of it is necessary. When a person washes his feet the build up of excess lights within him, which are poisonous, form a flow and are earthed through the feet and as a result the human body is safeguarded from poisonous matter.
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