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19 February 2011

Nobody Cares for Me!

A man was on his death bed. The family understood that he was passing away. So the family members and relatives began to weep sitting around him.

Suddenly the sick man spoke out: "All of you be quiet! Oh, dear father! Why are you crying?"

"My son! I'm crying because I'll break down and be lonely if you leave," replied the grief-stricken father.

Dear Mother! Why are you crying?"asked the ill man.

"Oh, my dear son, I always hoped that you would assist me in my old age, but you are leaving before me," replied the mother. 

"What makes you cry, my dear wife?"

"My children are going to be orphaned. I shall have to look after them all alone, without your warm companionship. I can't stop the tears."

"And why are you weeping, my dear children?"

"Who will take care of us and provide our livelihood after you are gone?" answered one of the children.

"Alas! What a pity! I have given my whole life to you all. Today my soul is leaving my body, I am going to leave you forever, but all one of you are crying for your own sakes and worried about your own future. Nobody is worried about me or about what awaits me." At this moment the man closed his eyes and died.

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