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25 February 2011

Mathematical Miracles - Atomic Number of Iron

There are many references to the chemical characteristics of iron, in the Quran. Let us see first the verse which mentions the importance and characteristics of iron:
 We have surely sent our messengers with clear signs, and sent with them the Book and the Balance, so that man may stand by justice; and We sent down the iron, wherein there is strength, and many benefits for the people. [Quran 57:25]
The verb “inzal” in the Quran is usually used to describe the action of coming from above the earth. The verb “inzal” refers to the fact that a creation in the world has taken place following an event exterior to the earth. The temperature of the earth was not sufficient, at the beginning, for the formation of iron. Not only the earth, but even a middle sized sun like ours did not have the heat necessary for the formation of iron. That is why iron must have come to our planet from outer space, as well as to the entire solar system. The iron we have in our planet today must have come to our solar system from other suns which had higher temperatures favorable for the formation of iron. To allude to iron, the Quran uses the verb “inzal” to explain its origin is the space.

The Quran shows other mathematical miracles by pointing out the iron’s atomic number, which is 26, in different ways.

1. In the Quran, there is a mathematical value for every letter. (We gave all the letters and their numerical values in the chapters on 19). The mathematical value for the word iron (hadid) is 26.

= 4
= 10
= 4
= 26

2. The verse which refers to iron is the 25th verse in the sura Hadid. If we count Basmalah as a numbered verse then that number is 26.

3. The name God mentioned in this verse for 26th time is in the 25th verse. The atomic number of an element is the main characteristic of that element and is determined by the number of its protons which are the building blocks of that element. Iron’s atomic number is 26 because of its 26 protons. The fact that from the beginning of the sura Iron (Hadid) till the end of the verse of that sura that alludes to iron, the word God is used 26 times.
The word  Mathematical value of the word
Iron 26
Iron’s atomic number 26
How many times is the word?
“God” used from the beginning of the sura, till the end of 25th verse which is the only verse wherein 26 the properties of iron mentioned?

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