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14 January 2011

Amazing & Interesting Facts of Blue whale

“… When He decrees a matter He only says ‘BE’ and it is” 
[Quran 3:47]

The biggest creature on the planet
  • 100 people could fit into the mouth of a blue whale.
  • Weight of a blue whale’s tongue is equal to a fully grown adult elephant.
  • A Blue Whale's heart is so big, a small child can swim through the veins.
  • A blue whale heart is the size of a Mini Cooper and can weigh close to 2,000 pounds (~907 kg). Its heartbeat can be detected from two miles away and a human can easily crawl through its major arteries.
  • A baby blue whale emerges weighing up to 3 tons (2.7 metric tons) and stretching to 25 feet (8 meters) It gorges on nothing but mother's milk and gains about 200 pounds (91 kilograms) every day for its first year.
  • These graceful swimmers cruise the ocean at more than five miles an hour (eight kilometers an hour), but accelerate to more than 20 miles an hour (32 kilometers an hour) when they are agitated. 
  • Blue whales look true blue underwater, but on the surface their coloring is more a mottled blue-gray.
  • Blue whales can produce sounds louder than a jet engine (188 dB vs. jet engine's 140 dB) and can communicate with other whales up to 1,000 miles away.
  • A single adult eats about 4-8 tons of krill (tiny shrimplike animals) a day.
  •  The spray from a blue whale's blowhole is almost as tall as a three-story building (30 feet or 9 m). A toddler can fit into its blowhole.
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Said, “That shall be!” Your Lord said, “This is really easy for Me! I also gave you existence earlier when you were nothing!”   
[Quran 19:9]

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